Collection: TS Series

Mars Hydro TS Led Grow Lights

  • High PPE as 2.7umol/j 
  • Harvest up to 2.5g/w 
  • Saving at least 30% energy than traditional led grow light 
  • White full-spectrum color, more natural to sunlight 
  • Full Spectrum for the whole growing cycle
  • New SMD chip, higher output, longer lifespan
  • UKCA, CE, RoHS listed, wattage adjustable driver (TS600 is not a wattage-adjustable light) 

Mars Hydro TS series is a best budget led grow lights series. They are focus on personal indoor growing and small-scale growing, highly cost-efficient. Main using applications are in indoor tent, closet, cabinet, balcony, warehouse, shelf and veg and flower plants.

TS series have all the new light functions and technologies with affordable prices and different sizes to fit all kinds of grow scenarios and grow needs. Their aluminum reflective hood design is our patented deign, to decrease light loss and increase light efficiency.


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