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Are you a grower looking to adopt LED grow lights for the first time? Are you hesitating which LED grow light to buy is the best deal? Are you dazzled by the many brands of grow lights? In this article, we will give you a comprehensive explanation of how to choose the most worthwhile LED grow light for your indoor grow room.

Six Factors You Must Consider When Buying LED Grow Light

1. Manufacturer of Industry And Trade Integration

With the rise of the indoor growing boom, a large number of grow light manufacturer have sprung into the market. However, it is easy for growers to get lost in the sea of choices. So the question is how can we choose the best manufacturer in so many brands no matter big or small.

The answer is to choose a brand that integrates industry and trade. The integration of industry and trade, as the name implies, is self-production and self-sales. That is to say suppliers have their own factories, technical research and development teams, and sell products by themselves. Lights made by this kind of brand can be trusted because production is carried out in their own proprietary factory with strict quality control rather than outsourcing. They have mature and experienced R&D department that is constantly evolving on the road to innovative technologies. The most important point is that customers can buy the most affordable products because there are no middlemen to earn the difference. Therefore, when you buy any LED grow light, you can find out on the Internet whether this manufacturer belongs to the integration of industry and trade at first.

2. High-Efficiency Diode

When most people are looking for LED grow lights, they will focus on the appearance of the grow lights. However, the LED diode itself is more important than the appearance of the grow light. LED diodes are light sources, so having high-quality LED diode is a must. One thing you need to be aware of is that there are many fake LED chips on the market, and some LED grow lights claim that their products use Samsung LED diodes, but this is not the case. In addition, the diode model of LED grow lights is also intuitive and important.

For example, Samsung’s 3030 (LM301) LED diode series includes LM301H, LM301B and LM301D models. Both the LM301H and LM301B are true top-of-the-line LED diodes, The LM301B was released first, and its efficiency also stands out among all white LEDs—2.92 µmol/J at 65 mA. Compared with LM301B, the efficiency of LM3301H is improved by 0.18 µmol/J. Therefore, when you buy, you need to pay attention to choose the most suitable series for planting – Samsung 3030 (LM301) series chips.

3. Uniform PPFD

  • What Is PPFD?

PPFD stands for Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density, a measure of how many PAR photons fall into a particular area in micromoles per second per square meter.

  • Uniformity of PPFD

So what does the uniformity of PPFD mean? Quite simply, that is the uniformity of the number of photons present at a specific density. And the more evenly the light covers the branches and leaves of your plants, the better yields you will get. If you choose a grow light with uneven PPFD coverage, it will result in inconsistent growth rates between exterior and interior of your plants. Therefore, you need to use LED grow lights with uniform PPFD that evenly cover the entire growing space. Most grow light brands generally have PPFD diagrams attached, which you can view and identify.

4. Full Spectrum

Outdoor plants grow under natural sunlight, and every color in the sunlight spectrum is a catalyst for plant growth. Therefore, the best grow lights should have a full spectrum to best mimic natural sunlight and optimize plant growth. Across the spectrum, each wavelength (color) has a different effect on plant growth. Blue and red light are the most conspicuous colors, as blue promotes the thickness of the plant during its vegetative stage. Red light helps plants stretch and bloom during flowering. It is not difficult to see that choosing a full-spectrum LED grow light with both blue and red light is your best choice.

5. Dimming Function

LED grow lights consume less energy than other types of grow lights, especially dimmable LED grow lights, saving electricity can save you money and ultimately provide better results, they allow you to tailor the light your plants receive according to the different needs of each stage during their growth, because only the specific light that is suitable for each stage of growth can encourage plants to thrive. The light adjustment can be achieved by a dimmer, and the brightness range is generally 10%-100%. Dim the lights can also give your plants a break, after all not every stage of plant growth is suitable for high-intensity lighting throughout a day, which helps them stay healthy and strong.

6. Cost-Effective Grow Light

I believe that growers are well aware of that LED grow lights are not a small investment in the early stage. If you buy a grow light with poor quality, you need to pay for replacement and maintenance frequently, which is very strenuous for growers with limited budgets. However, if you choose the most suitable grow light, it can get the highest return at the lowest cost. Low price, long life, high return on investment, and excellent performance, this can be called cost-effective. So when you buy a grow light, you should not only pay attention to the price of the product, but also pay attention to whether the parameters of this light meet the standards and whether it has passed the official quality certification and so on. FC series of Mars Hydro has always been known for its high cost performance and high return rate, which is one of the reasons why many growers love it.

The LED Grow Light That Meets All the Above Factors-Mars Hydro FC Series

  • Mars Hydro is an industry-leading LED grow light manufacturer, also produce grow tent and grow accessories, best known for its continuous innovation. And it’s a brand that integrates industry and trade without middleman. Each light of the FC series contains thousands of Samsung LM301B diodes, more than twice as many LEDs are used to drive the grow light with low current and avoid overdriving. Not only the quality is guaranteed, but it can also provide growers with the most satisfactory power supply efficiency.
  • At the same time, FC series adopts a multi-light strip design, the advantage of this design is that the LED grow light can achieve the optimal PPFD required for plant growth in the entire effective coverage area, thereby achieving uniform PAR distribution and high PPFD output.
  • Like most high-quality grow lights, FC series adopts a full-spectrum design. The blue and red light are enhanced on the basis of the full-spectrum combination, which perfectly adapts to the different color lighting needs of each stage of your plant.
  • Of course, FC series grow lights also come with dimming box to achieve 10% to 100% brightness for different stages of plant growth, and one master light can connect up to 30 lights in a daisy-chain system. It is easy to use and save your electricity bill.

How does the Mars Hydro FC series stack up against the competition? Compare one of a grow light of FC series to a known and trusted brand:

As can be seen from the picture above, compared with other well-known brands, the price of Mars Hydro FC4800 is lower. It is not only affordable, but also has better performance in all aspects. And FC series are the best LED grow lights you can buy at the most affordable price.

After reading the above guide, I believe you have a general direction on how to choose the best LED grow light. We also recommend a grow light with a high return on investment and superior performance for you. I hope you will no longer be confused by the choice and buy your most satisfactory grow light!

Giveaway Is Coming!

In order to reward customers. At the end of this blog, we will have a giveaway!

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End Date: July 20th, 2022

*What the winner needs to do: Share your grow journal with FC4800 on social media.

*Finally, we will publish the results at the end of this blog, please pay attention in time.

(Please confirm that your email address is ACTIVE so that we can announce you in time if you are the winner)

Good luck to everybody!

Winner Announcement

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  65. Timo Preissl says:

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    Mars Hydro TSW 2000 is good afordable light source. Lets See what they got now, Good luck yall

  141. Thor vikke Hansen says:

    I have 2 ts 1000 Really good product But a little too small for a 100x100cm tent could use an upgrade

  142. Racim says:

    Next one to buys will be mars LED´s. More light = more Love 🙂

  143. mathias c says:

    i already got a few of your products, and i absolutely love them! a fc-4800 would be a great addition, to my current setup, and much appreciated!

  144. Spiderman grow tomatoes says:

    Small lights are good, but this one… I need to have it!

  145. Jan says:

    I already use Mars hydro in 100x100cm i have 2x Mas hydro ts1000 and i Wish better light.

  146. Romain says:

    Hope I’ll win that one

  147. Vlad cezar says:

    Nice light, best on market?

  148. Gelato Factory says:

    With 2g/watt to the moon with marshydro!

  149. aaron says:

    mars hydro are the great value for money and do a great job

  150. Marco says:

    MarsHydro light up the moon and make your grow dream come true

  151. Radu Mantale says:

    I must admit at the begging of my led growing age i didn’t know what to choose. There are a lot of brands and on top of that a huge amount of specifications, reviews, etc. So, I had to follow my instinct and chose Mars hydro ts 1000. It was a miracle for my plants, I am most of the time using it during the winter months when light is low. I was amazed what a good light can do to plants. They changed their colour, size and shape. Nice job Mars Hydro.

  152. Lucas says:

    May the best grower win

  153. Lucas says:

    May the best grower win!

  154. Lucas says:

    May the best grower win!:)

  155. Nenad Tesic says:

    Mars Hydro for the win, currently owner of ts1000

  156. Jeremias Benz says:

    Hello Mars Hydro Team!

    I have a Mars Hydro TS-1000 (2022 Series) i use for vegging ? in a 80x80x160cm Grow Tent and it does an awsome job ?even dimmed down to around 75÷ of power. The TS-1000 is a great light for its value, i can only recommend it.

    For flowering ? i use a Spider Farmer SF4000 in a 120x120x200cm Grow Tent. I am sure the Mars Hydro FC-4800 would be a huge upgrade as it spreads the light much more evenly then my recent light, not to mention the extra power it provides.
    As a satisfied costumer i would be pleased to try out your amazing looking product. ?

    Thank you MS Team, Keep up the great work!
    Good luck ? to everyone in here!

  157. mongroxlp says:

    I have been using MarsHydro for a while now and theres nothing better! Keep doing what yall are doing:)

  158. mongroxlp says:

    I have been using MarsHydro for a while now and theres nothing better. Thank you guys for giving back! Keep up the good work:)

  159. Elias Lenk says:

    Mars Hydrooo

  160. Johnny says:

    Good luck to everybody!

  161. Anarkos says:

    The most cost-effective Led grow Light on the Block!

  162. fabio says:


  163. Alban says:

    Love from France, worst place on earth for smokers…

  164. Guy Dellagi says:

    Looking forward to what Mars Hydro will bring in the future.

  165. Alessio says:

    Using Mars Hydro from some years and everything is sky rocketing! Thank you for your honesty!

    1. Hamilton says:


  166. Andrew says:

    Wish I could win that led light

  167. Szymon says:

    Good Łuck

  168. Tina says:

    Ohhh soo great!!!!

  169. frenchies_farm says:

    A wonderful light

    Hope to be lucky ?

  170. AJ says:

    Great service, great products. My light from Mars Hydro is the best that I´ve ever owned.

  171. Giovanni says:

    Love my FC3000 but could use something bigger 😛

  172. Apfelsaft says:

    Mars hydro does great lights i used mars hydro ts 1000 over a year without a problem, would be nice to get thag Upgrade 🙂

  173. PoPsou says:

    I discovered MarsHydro with my recently 1st TS600 and was amazed by the cost/efficiency of it. It would be awesome to put my hand on this cool FC-4800. All fingers crossed 😀

  174. rizzo2458 says:

    I hope win this giveaway.!!!amazing product ?

  175. rizzo2458 says:

    Thank Mars hydro

    1. Abdeljalil says:

      MARSHYDRO merci vous êtes les mielleur fc 300

  176. Alex P says:

    I am long time user of MarsHydro LEDs ! Always perfect build quality, no noise or heat problems whatsoever ! My plants are loving my TSL 2000W, but I could use one better for my second 6×6 tent 🙂

  177. kadir.guenoun says:

    Nice giveaway ! My ts600 are dying ? Hope to win !

  178. Juku says:

    I own SP 3000 and TS series also.
    Works great for my chillies!

  179. luca says:

    such a great opportunity!! I would be very greatful if I win 🙂

  180. Ghristi Warren says:

    Why not

  181. Christopher gallais says:

    GOOD LUCK to everyone ! 😀

  182. Teo7 says:

    this brand dont play games, top notch lights
    Good luck to everyone ??

  183. Rolands says:

    Owning Mars Hydro TS600, but i want something better! Hope i get lucky

  184. Jan H says:

    Looks pretty nice and would be a massive upgrade from the SP 3000

  185. Dan Kolasa says:

    Bless Jah 420 everyday with Mars Hydro

  186. Pietro Masciulli says:

    Long life marshydro.Thx for this !!

  187. jimenezignacio17 says:

    Absolutely best price-quality light out there. I’ve been using the ts1000 and wish I could level up with this one!

  188. Ziggy J says:

    I have a Mars hydro FC 3000 and i’m loving it so far. Would love to have this lovely upgrade for my growspace. Thanks mars hydro for this awesome giveaway!

  189. Jamie greene says:

    Over 5 and a half years lifespan. That’s alot of lettuce 🙂

  190. CHROME says:

    Je vote pour :
    M/\RS ØRGA

  191. RastaRick says:

    I am tired of my cheap, no name LEDs… I want to take my grow to the next level. What better way than to start with the most important part, the lighting? A new FC4800 would be a game changer for my setup. Wish me luck! Thank you MARS HYDRO!!!!!

  192. Admmmmm says:

    I just bought my first TS1000 the 2022 version but I’ve heard that this hobby tends to scale up, would love to try the FC-4800 a lot!

  193. Hamilton says:

    MARSHYDRO (la créativité) vous etre les meilleur LED sur le marché top????

  194. Jalil86 says:

    MARSHYDRO la créativité TOP ????FC 300

  195. Abdeljalil says:


  196. Thibault says:

    Sick products. I grow al my plants inside with marshydro.

    Would be lovely to use the new lamp for a social growing project in Gent, Belgium!

  197. Erik says:

    The Fc3000 is the perfekt light for a 3×3, I would be so happy if I win the Fc4800, then the 4×4 area also get the perfect fitting light ;D

  198. example555556 says:

    I would love to win your light, thank you for the giveaway

  199. Oleh says:

    I just bought my first TSL 2000 the 2022 version but would love to try the FC-4800 a lot!

  200. jonathanking7128 says:

    Waiting for my second light from marshydro , there high quality lights at a great price always a nice promo code available for a few Bob off too ?

  201. Rush says:

    Thank you for the chance to win this great light!

  202. Clayton Johnson says:

    Marshydro is great light have had great success with the ones I have ???

  203. Joe McIntyre says:

    I own the tsw2000 and it a great light. This would be an awesome upgrade though. Thank you for the opportunity ?

  204. Andy Lord says:

    Big hopes for this one ☝️

  205. Ken says:

    Mars Hydro is the best

  206. Adam Jones says:

    Fc 4800 would make my tent alot beter I have a 5×10 with a fce 3000

  207. ECM says:

    Love to try this light in other half of my 4×8 along side my fc6500

  208. I’ve got a Mars hydro TS600 in my start up / veg tent and love it ….
    I’m starting a 4x4x8 tent this fall for my winter grow and would love an FC4800 to get this tent going strong ….
    Much love and happy growing ?✌️?

  209. Mark Bryant says:

    I started with a fc3000 in a 3×3 but after one run got a 4×4 but couldn’t afford a mars. That fc4800 would go nicely in my 4×4 then I’d be vegging and flowering under mars

  210. Jesse Craft says:

    I love my FC3000 and SP150. Great lights with great results. Best of luck to everyone.

  211. dan zan says:

    i would love to win one

  212. Jamie baker says:

    Nice thank you mars hydro!

  213. Jonathan says:

    Love my mars hydro lights. I sure could use another 4800.

  214. Tony Coma says:

    I have a couple smaller mars hydro lights.
    They work amazing for my little clone room.
    I’d love a chance to run the 4800.
    Keep bringing the quality products guys.

  215. Miranda says:

    Thanks for all the great info 🙂 a lot goes into picking the right light for your grow!

  216. Ryan Ringgold says:

    Thanks for the chance!!! I always wanted a marshydro light!!!

  217. Kevin Long says:

    I would love to try a bar style light, especially a fc4800, thank you for this chance to win

  218. Eric Enriquez says:

    Than you!

  219. John Kabelis says:

    Love my new ts600 so far!!

  220. Ted Farmer says:

    The coverage in the corners and along the edges from the FC-4800 with the bar light configuration is hard to beat. I currently use an Ecofarm 450w dual quantum board unit that has quality LM301h diodes and Meanwell drivers, but the light isn’t similar in coverage as the FC4800. Hoping for a miracle cure with a new light?

  221. Shannon Conroy says:

    This would be great for my Mars Hydro 4×8

  222. Chris Hartman says:

    I’m in love with the FC and FC-E series that Mars Hydro has to offer , Amazing Products !!! Much love all 🙂

  223. Brian says:

    Please please I would love this light!!!!

  224. Matt Rubadou says:

    Id love to upgrade from my mars hydro tsw2000!

  225. Jj James says:

    Thanks for the amazing opportunity Mars Hydro LED you guys are the best when it comes to customer service and grow equipment

  226. Mg Escobar says:

    FC 4800

  227. Ashley bemjam8n says:

    Id love to upgrade from my mars hydro tsw2000!

  228. Michael Wangler says:

    Gott luck everyone!

  229. Chris crouso says:

    Would love to win this

  230. Blaze doucette says:


  231. Cody says:

    Would love to try this one out

  232. Patch McGee says:

    Thanks for the opportunity

  233. Chad Riley says:

    Would love to try this baby out!!! ??????????

  234. Marita Obrigewitch says:

    Great info!
    Would love to be able to have a better source of light for my plants. Lighting is always an issue.
    Thanks for the opportunity! ??

    1. Shelly tamburino says:

      I am in need of a good ligjt and yours sound great.?❤✌

    2. Colin Nelson says:

      Mars Hydro your the best.
      Please may I win ,so I can start my grow.
      Thank you for being Awesome

    3. Justin Graham says:

      Grate information and comparison guys. I love my sp3000 can’t wait to try on of these bad boys out and compare the two

    4. James Holleran says:

      This is the perfect light for my 4x4x6 Mars Hydro grow tent

  235. Chad Valliant says:

    This FC Series seems to be the real deal. I would love to publish a journal and compare it to the TS/TSW Series I’m currently using.

    1. Abdeljalil says:


  236. Carl Camus says:

    Mars hydro has some of the best lights!!! I’m running ts3000 and loving it. It would be awesome to see what the 4800 can do.

  237. Kristopher dowdy says:

    Mars Hydro are one of the best lights
    Out there would love to have one these

  238. Colin Nelson says:

    Mars Hydro your the best.
    Please may I win ,so I can start my grow.
    Thank you for being Awesome

  239. Love mars hydro great company with awesome customer service!

  240. Victoria says:

    Would really love to try this light out !!!

  241. Amazing growlight Thankyou marshydro ilove to experience the fce4000?

  242. Jeff says:

    The FC 4800 is the absolute best in its price range. Runs cool, extremely bright and the spread is amazing for a 4×4

  243. Matthew Cruz says:

    Nice product ? marshydro is the best ? hoping to win new light fce4800 ?

  244. Amazing light ? hoping to win the fc4800 thank you marshydro your the best ?

  245. Chris says:

    This would fit perfectly in my tent! I own an fc-e3000 and it’s a fantastic light! Thank you mars-hydro!

  246. Jason Couture says:

    I run 2 FC6500’S and would love to retire my older TS3000 and replace it with an FC4800!! Come check out my FB & IG pages @The Latenight Gardener on both platforms. Happy growing and goodluck everyone!! 😉

  247. Olman Finkey says:

    Sure would be great to flower out my 1 plant that has filled my 4×4 with this light.

  248. Joshua says:

    Would like to see how mars stacks up against photontek but it dose sound like mars hydro is a great all around light and I definitely want one…

  249. Brian lacey says:


    1. Jimi says:

      My best friend started to tell me all about Mars Hydro the other day and urged me to switch from Viparspectra and AC Infinity leds to Mars. After doing some reading on the products I’d love the chance to try the fc4800 and see how Mars Hydro compares to the competition!

  250. Paul says:

    Would love to pair with my other FC4800.. great light

  251. Josh says:

    Good luck everyone…

  252. Edward Perez says:

    Would love to win this…Good luck everyone

  253. Chris Lee says:

    I am in need of a light this size and would love to win.

  254. John Rousell says:

    Would love to win this and do a side by side comparison with my FC-E4800!!! grow on MARS-HYDRO Gromies ?

  255. Bo Ferguson says:

    Thanks for the chance.. I have a ts1000 mars hydro and It’s a good light. I recommend mars hydro

  256. Jeffrey Francis says:

    Amazing information and extremely affordable lights, I’d love nothing more than to add one to my garden

  257. Ronald says:

    Thanks for the awesome information. Gives me some food for thought on my next light purchase. Also, thak you for the opportunity to obtain one of your great lights.

  258. Jessie S. says:

    Thank you MarsHydro for such an educational blog! Being new to growing my own meds I feel like there is so much that I need to know before I can get stared, and you took some of the mystery out of lightning! And thank you for the opportunity to win one of these!

  259. Michael says:

    Looks to be a excellent light. I need to give it a try. Thanks for the opportunity.

  260. Tim Othy says:

    Great blog!

  261. Cody spitnale says:

    Thanks for the opportunity

    1. Frann Mendoza says:

      Gracias por esta oportunidad Marshydro☘️?, llevo tiempo intentando probar alguna luminaria Marshydro, un sueño poder probarla❤️ suerte a todos y dedos cruzados #OneLove Marshydro.

  262. Ron Westcott says:

    I currently have 3 TS3000 and 1 TS2000 would lobe to get my hands on the fc4800.

  263. Julito Almonte says:

    A new light would go great with the new 3 x 3 i just got from you guys, a little big but would be a interesting experiment to see how crop turns out.

  264. Lemeunier says:

    Bonjour de ?? merci pour ce concour ayant déjà 2 ts 1000 qui fonctionne du feu

  265. I would love to have this light.

  266. NicoT says:

    Super lot, bonne chance à tous

  267. Jason Long says:

    The fce4800 is an amazing light! I’d love the chance to win one of them and put it in my garden.

  268. spencer A says:

    I would absolutely love too get my hands on an FC4800 & showcase it on my growing IG page!

  269. Caroline Kennedy 807 says:

    ❤Love my new 3×3 Mars grow tent and also my Mars LED Lights I have 2 ts1000 and also fc3000. I would recommend them to everyone they work great

  270. Bill Stoner 101 says:

    I have the mars ts1000 light it’s great just not enough for as many plants as I want to do but for veg works great for the 4 i have currently thanks for the chance

  271. delilah anna says:

    I hear nothing but great reviews about Mars Hydro Led and would love to win this thanks for the opportunity.Thank you for the opportunity

  272. Eelizabeth Sofia says:

    All I use is Mars hydro. I have 3 TS1000 literally the best light in the game for the price and electric bill. This FC-E3000 Smart LED grow light would be a game changer for me. Hope I’m selected.

  273. Lillian Addison says:

    I highly recommended mars hydro lights. I have 2 ts600 and work great through all stages of growth. And dosnt have a large carbon footprint.

    Thanks for the chance

  274. Ozzy Latin 666 says:

    I just started using the TS600 in a small closet. So far very happy with the light for how little it cost me.

  275. Courtney Love 1969 says:

    Almost finished my first grow with the ts3000 and it’s really amazing. Looks really juicy and I can’t wait to harvest.

  276. Robert knoop says:

    wow, this would be absolutelycrazy
    thank you for the opportunity.
    I’d definitely share on social. I would love to have MarsHydro in my tent.
    then I could grow some beautiful plants.
    thanks again
    good luck everyone.

  277. Clux Clux Clan710 says:

    If you’re just starting out or have been growing for years, Mars Hydro has a light for you. Not only do they have a wide variety of high quality LEDs, but they have a variety of grow tents to fit your growing needs as well. Grow like a pro with Mars Hydro

  278. Xynda Rolin says:

    Awesome Mars Hydro is the best.!! Loved my TSW2000 would kill to own another such an amazing light.! Winning this FC-E3000 Smart LED grow light would be BOMB.!!!

  279. Emma Olivia says:

    Love MarsHydro LED this would be an amazing product to upgrade the Tent

  280. Mila Scarlett 05 says:

    This would be great. I have the FC3000 and it works well but the FC-E3000 Smart LED grow light would help me with more coverage.Thanks for the giveaway,good luck all.!

  281. John Dion 420 says:

    I would love to own this light, your products are the best compared to anything else I have used , it’s like unleashing the sunlight and this light would be the beast of all beasts to fill my 4×4 tent. Good luck all..

  282. Brian Hoffman says:

    Have yet to try the MarsHydro lighting. I would run a side by side w my SF and Pandvillow lights and post the results everywhere I can. No biases. Just facts

  283. Fauzie Muda says:

    That would be a nice prize to win… I am really interested in this light…

  284. Elm says:

    Ty for the opportunity, would be a great improvement in my garden .

  285. Sativa Lover says:

    Sweet… Just what I need in my tent & I would love to review any of your products… Thanks for the opportunity…

  286. Ozzy G-mail 710 says:

    Awesome. Good luck everyone! Thank you for the chance to win.Would love to win or test this FC4800 Smart LED grow light.This would be amazing for my new and first setup!

  287. Jawiah Jaffar says:

    Best grow light. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this. I need a new light

  288. FourZda'OG says:

    I’m firm believer in led technology it is really improving fast and MarsHydro is doing a great job at building a awesome quality light at affordable rate for all types of grows. Hats off too you MarsHydro technical team. Spot on would love to rock this beast and see what kind of results I would get. Peace good luck everyone.

  289. Valentina Charlotte says:

    I’ve been looking at these lights for quite some time would love to put it in my 4×4. Hope I win,I really need a good light.Thank you, appreciate the opportunity

  290. Elena Aubrey says:

    I just bought the sp3000 and it’s great would love to add this one to my grow room.Thanks for doing a give away and a chance to win.

  291. Ronald Gold69 says:

    Wow, this light would be a great addition for my little plants, they really need help, thanks for the opportunity stay blessed

  292. Miss June says:

    Amazing giveaway..Would love an FC4800..Thank you for the great opportunity

  293. MasterZ 420 says:

    I would be honored to have the opportunity to test this set-up out. I have purchased several of your lights in the past and am very interested in this model. Thank you for the opportunity

  294. Grant John says:

    FC SERIES – Excellent looking light l love to own one, would love to win this would make the perfect birthday gift for me. Mars Hydro, you guys rock! Cheers. Good luck everybody

    1. Ivan Schleinkofer says:


  295. Maya Genesis says:

    Marshydro awesome.Hmm,what a lovely prize.Currently using the fc 3000.Thanks for the chance.Superb giveaway as alwayzzzz

  296. Muhamad Z 88 says:

    Lookin great,definitely need this .
    Thanks for the opportunity guys
    Mars hydro leads the way

  297. Matt Azuri says:

    Would be a great addition to the room. Thank you for the opportunity and good luck to all. Marshydro,Great lights can’t fault them one bit currently running 2x Tsl2000 and a Ts1000..

  298. Aaliyah Madelyn says:

    Awesome prize,I could really use this.
    Would love to win! Mars Hydro for the win every time.This light would complete my lighting needs. What a beast and I’ve got just the spot for this FC4800 Smart Led grow light.Best of luck all!

  299. Lampard Croff says:

    Thanks for the chance to win this very awesome giveaway and a new light would always be nice.My fingers are crossed and good luck everyone

  300. The Shanchez says:

    I have two fc3000 and these FC4800 Smart LED grow light grow light sound and look amazing. Would love to try this light. Thank you.

  301. Mila Scarlett 05 says:

    This would be great. I have the FC3000 and it works well but the FC4800 Smart LED grow light would help me with more coverage.Thanks for the giveaway,good luck all.!

  302. Xynda Rolin says:

    Awesome Mars Hydro is the best.!! Loved my TSW2000 would kill to own another such an amazing light.! Winning this FC4800 Smart LED grow light would be BOMB.!!!

  303. Eelizabeth Sofia says:

    All I use is Mars hydro. I have 3 TS1000 literally the best light in the game for the price and electric bill. This FC 4800 Smart LED grow light would be a game changer for me. Hope I’m selected

  304. I’ve always wanted to run a Mars Hydro light. I have a bunch of the competitors. But hopefully I’ll get the chance. I will definitely complete a full grow journal if I get lucky. I will share on IG and FB.

  305. Joe Catterino says:

    Very informative! Nice light!

  306. I would love to win one of your lights for testing out on my channel ( EastCoastGrower)

  307. Wayne says:

    Grow with Mars☄

  308. Thanks for the opportunity ☘️?

  309. Fab Hebert says:

    Instagram Handle: FoeTwennyGiant
    Followers: 2800
    As a seed and product tester, I would ensure prompt and reliable grow journal updates featuring the FC4800 for a time period we can agree upon. It’s no sponsorship but a step in the right direction ?

    Blog is on point and thanks for the giveaway. Cheers ?

  310. Jerrit M says:

    Hey Sunshines of MarsHydro!
    This light would be the perfect addition to my grow room. Got my fingers crossed.

  311. Frann Mendoza says:

    Gracias por esta oportunidad Marshydro☘️?, llevo tiempo intentando probar alguna luminaria Marshydro, un sueño poder probarla❤️ suerte a todos y dedos cruzados #OneLove Marshydro.

  312. Adam says:

    Wow! How awesome! I love the Marshydro range, thankyou for the opportunity to win one of ur awesome lights.

  313. Adam says:

    Thanks for the chance to win this awesome Giveaway

  314. San weed banou says:

    Merci pour ce concours , je participe !!
    C’est un plaisir de pouvoir gagner votre FC-4800????

  315. kaxmir says:

    I own the SP- 3000, here my review on it.
    These light’s are great, maybe even too strong for a 2 x 4 tent with autos, you will never push it to 100% if you stay with the specified height from their advertised PAR Charts.
    Can easily light a 3 x 5 in my opinion especially for autos.
    It can handle high DLI’s even on 12/12 so you could also flower both auto flowers and normal together without any problems.
    Their make is strong , durable and they are very efficient.
    Due to being a bar it has high light penetration, even with a lot of foliage, and the lower buds developed very nicely too.
    The option that the rectifier can be dismounted and put outside the tent is a big bonus, especially for very hot/humid climates which will not overheat the switching device, thus will work more efficiently and dramatically increase their life span.
    Yes also lower the lights or put on sunglasses or it will burn your eyes if you stay exposed for to long on high intensity, be careful!
    Have a look at what I grew with it my first time here: https://growdiaries.com/diaries/134414-grow-journal-by-kaxmir
    Definitely the best lights on the market.

  316. Piotr says:

    Great idea on your part, thank you for the opportunity to participate
    <3 MarsHydro

  317. Chance s says:

    Cool light!

  318. Currently using ts 3000 450w would love a chance to try bigger and post along the way about it to the grow groups I’m on

  319. Sandman says:

    is there a comparison / list overview for current diodes? 🙂

  320. George Moody says:

    Who ever wins this;will trule be blessed! Good Luck everyone!!

  321. Ashley says:

    Love mars hydro products would love to get my hands on a FC-4800 would boost my grows big time!!

  322. Smoouth says:

    I got two BavaGreen lights (Budget Chinese lights).
    Would love to get a more than worth upgrade.

  323. murciano207 says:

    Thanks for this opportunity!
    I love Mars Hydro
    Best leds in Europe

  324. CkNugz says:

    Very informative blog!

  325. Hugo says:

    Yeah Boyyyy I desperatly need a FC 4800 for my groowww

    Please Santaaaa

  326. Papa's Grow says:

    Love the FC models from Mars Hydro!
    #GrowwithMars #Marshydro

  327. nature_cax says:

    Damn i really need this one.. Please let me win

  328. Andrew Beekman says:

    Would really love one of these, it would fit perfectly in my tent. I like the uniform coverage aand the ability to lower the light pretty close to the canopy. Thanks for the opportunity Mars Hydro!

  329. Alex says:

    Thanks for the #giveaway Mars Hydro!

    I would love to try out the FC series lights. Surely this is my lucky week, Papa needs a new pair of everything!

  330. Dan w says:

    Thanks for the opportunity

  331. Spunk says:

    I never used any LED. And I know almost nothing about it
    Seems to have to learn new things

  332. Allan ohrel says:

    Thats Amazing led …. Hope one day i have on my room!!

  333. Swe-can says:

    Sign me up ?✌️?✌️!! I really do need a new light for the future runs !!

  334. Christopher morris says:

    Awesome blog.. thank you for the opportunity!! #MarsHydro

  335. Bobette Hintzman says:

    What a great giveaway!
    I could really use this!
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  336. Bobette Hintzman says:

    What a great giveaway!
    Yes ,please ! Much better than an expensive HPS!
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  337. Patrick Lynn says:

    I would use this setup every grow and it would definitely turn my grow into a way better setup!!

  338. Randall Hiltz says:

    Using a Mars hydro 5×5 tent.
    Would like to put a Mars hydro light in it

  339. Me says:

    If I won I’d do a great review for several different fourms.

  340. Scott white says:

    Let’s go, great info

  341. face off says:

    Huh, I should do some research on LED lighting. It’s obviously worth it
    Thanks for chance

    1. John Schulz says:

      I’m very excited to join the giveaway in hopes that I can be one of the family members to have such a awesome light. Fingers are crossed

  342. Rhyan says:


  343. kekkogrande says:

    Wow this Product is amazing

  344. Doug says:


    Heard good things about your lights! Would love to run one or three lol. Thanks for the opportunity! ❤️

  345. Suzanne Treaster says:

    Such a good article not to mention fabulous products

  346. James f says:

    Gotta love mars hydro. Could definitely put this fc4800 to work. Would love to document it.

  347. Gizmo says:

    Gladly will showcase your light being used fully in a detailed grow journal.

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    Great article and awesome light! Would love to run this light on my next grow!

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    FC series lights are top shelf gear.

  351. Jong Wayne says:

    I have a mediocre following on social media but am on several forums that would appreciate seeing the light put to use in a grow log.

  352. Romeo says:


  353. Martin says:

    I tried Mars Hydro once (blurple) and i’m quite satisfied with it. Trying to take a chance for an Upgrade here.

  354. Ricky Zetich says:

    Awesome would rock my 4×4 fingers crossed ?thanks for the opportunity I have 2 tsw2000 in there right now happy growing

  355. Alex says:

    Giveaway merci

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  357. Gary Greeney says:

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  358. Nick s. says:

    Great info for a new growers like me

  359. Bob says:

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  360. Christopher Setliff says:

    Currently have 2 8000’2, 2 6500’s, 4 4800’s, a 3000, and a 2000. Yall rock!!

  361. Trevor says:

    Awesomeness pick me plz need a new light

  362. JoeCrowe says:

    It’s definitely time for a new light, mine have some LEDs burned out!

  363. Devin says:

    Looks like a nice light, count me in!

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    Awesome giveaway! Thanks foe the opportunity.

  365. Jon Croussette says:

    Hope to get this would be an amazing upgrade

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    Mars Hydro makes fantastic products that should be used by all serious growers.

  367. Jim janowich says:

    Great all around light

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  369. Justin Davis says:

    Mars Hydro hands down the best. Good luck everyone!

  370. Courtney Barrett says:


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    Heard good things about your lights! Would love to run one or three lol. Thanks for the opportunity!

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  377. Looks like a excellent light

  378. Looks like a excellent light i need one Sooo bad thanks for the oportunity

  379. The one I need to improve my grow

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  381. jaxx munster says:

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    1. jaxx munster says:

      delete one moderator

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  387. ratsbogglebiological says:

    Great article! I like how it clearly explained the different models of LED, the difference between some random LED and a horticultural LED is critical to maximum watt efficiency. Besides that, the design with multiple bars allows for massively increased coverage and light intensity. Good stuff, can’t wait to win it 🙂

  388. George abad says:

    Been Mars Hydro for quite some time. Just recently purchased the upgraded TS3000. Love it. So do mah ladies…

  389. OTUG says:

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  391. anagomez0908 says:

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  392. Nain says:

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  394. James king says:

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  395. What Great Products Would Love To Try Them Out! #Giveaway

  396. Chad Edward Krivec says:

    I just want to say Mars is the best light for quality and quantity. I have a sp150 and I won a photo compition from seedsman seeds about a month ago. If you are looking for the closest match to the sun. As far as a full spectrum light with all the diodes and colors you need and I have grown some absolutely gorgeous plants just under the sp150 so as far as life span hours, diodes, Removable driver and dimmer I would love to see what I can do with the fc 4800. Thanks for the chance to make a dream come true. #marsforlife #happygrowing

    1. Chad Edward Krivec says:

      Also forgot to mention if I won I am a member of several grow groups including all of Mars and several more so I would definitely keep a awesome journal as I blow minds with that bad boy. Thanks again Mars.

  397. Jeffj Begeman says:

    Would love to try the give away LED your offering , it looks much better than the one I currently use .

  398. Jeffj Begeman says:

    The giveaway LED grow light would be a nice addition to my grow room .

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  400. Ethan hammock says:

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    I’m currently suffering from fake Samsung diodes, please help! Seriously though, I’d love to try a big boy indoor grow light and get rid of my cheap knock off.

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    I would love to test this light, and document a full grow on my instagram and YouTube! #marshydro

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    1. Terrence White says:

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    Mars Hydro is the only one company to offer this size with great features?
    thanks ?

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  428. Rhonda says:

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    Awesome work, keep rocking it ???

  430. Elgadiri says:


  431. oskarrakowski2 says:

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  432. Wim Pauwels says:

    Just ordered a TS1000. I live in Finnish Lapland on the arctic circle. With long winters without sun and short summers, we have a limited window on when we can grow outside. Im setting up my first indoor hydroponics with a Mars Hydro TS1000 to get some fresh veggies and herbs for the winter. Having a bigger and stronger light would reqlly increase our yield for the dark winter months.

  433. Michaux says:

    Great product, Great Tents, Great prices, fully recommend

  434. riccardo scrinzi says:

    Love mars hydro products. Best grow lights I bought so far. High efficiency with low effort and budget.

  435. I currently grow Caribbean Water Lilies under a “240 Watt Quantum Board”, those first generation things, inside a MarsHydro tent. Loving the tent, but my light is due for a replacement!

  436. Michael fitzpatrick says:

    Just upgraded from the TS600 to the 1000 and am loving it so far.

    Moving to a much bigger grow next year and will 100% be getting everything MarsHydro!

  437. I have Mars Hydro tent and Mars Hydro led,and Mars Hydro is the best for the money,i can recommend Mars Hydro products

  438. Chris says:

    Would love to win this been looking to change from my ancient hps lights for long time fingers crossed for everyone

  439. Snider says:

    I have only used Mars Hydro lights and tents in my indoor growing for 6 years. I absolutely love the TSL 2000’s and the SP150’s, SP3000 I have. Always shared my love for Mars Hydro on my social media and always will, giveaway or not.

    Haven’t bought any new products in a few years unfortunately due to getting laid off in 2020 and only been on minimum wage since.

    These lights help me more than ever now so i dont have to buy herb og veggies as i can grow my herb and start my outdoor veggies with these lights.

    Thanks so much.

    Much love

  440. J says:

    My new grow room is almost complete, I’ll be growing a range of ethnobotanicals and would love to share a grow log.

  441. Ricky Rivera says:

    Would love to get my hands on 1 of these. Using a TS1000 in a 3×3 now ????

  442. Ricky Rivera says:

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  443. Dave says:

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  444. Dave says:

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  445. Davve says:

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  447. Nick says:

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  449. Nico M. says:

    I’m going to order my first mars hydro in the next coue of weeks. It will be the tsw2000 for my second growtent. xD

  450. Verbraecken Eric says:

    Give it to me baby aha

  451. Dean says:

    I have been trying to get my buddy to switch to LED, this would be a great light for his setup and make him convert from the dark side of hot and expensive hps.

  452. zonta3 says:

    I am living in Germany and I already actively use an SP-3000 and a TS-1000 with Hydroponics.
    I used two other lights before but they were no-where near good in value and performance.
    I am really hoping to get this FC-4800 as Germany will legalize soon and I want to expand my garden
    and show the great results that Mars-Hydro provides.

  453. kilian.carr says:

    i want this one, i just bought a ts1000

  454. luca says:

    Hello, Mars Hydro and me, the fusion of chinese engineering and german grow skills, a combination of succes. I grow with the MarsHydro ts 1000 for 3 years now, and couldnt be more happy with the results. Greetings from Germany!

  455. medovw says:

    I hawe onli tsw 2000 kit .! But its fine. Like to tray aut fc series

  456. Ryan Clark says:

    Absolutely love your lights. Me and my friends have been using them for the last 2 years and they are excellent. I would recommend them to everyone. Peace and happy growing.

  457. Old Dutch Genetics says:

    Would love to try one and see how well it works!
    Good luck to all participants.

  458. Tom Gönnewig says:

    Nice I love your lights!!

  459. Noah says:

    I started my Chili grow with a ts600 and it would be awesome to continue during the winter with a stronger light!

  460. So says:

    Love your products, I hope I win that beautiful light!!

  461. MaR says:

    Couldn’t be happier with MARSHYDRO products. Have TS + tent kits and not one complaint about them. Reliable products too. Would love to get some more to accompany this FC4800 🙂

  462. Klaus H. says:

    I always loved you Products.
    Once had a TS1000 with incredible results, can only imagine how insane an FC4800 would be.

  463. ferris.f says:

    Your products are the best! I only heard good things about your lights and I would love to get my hands on one of these.
    Best Quality and the best price!

  464. MK says:

    Marshydro rules!!!

  465. Carmen says:

    Sabiendo que no me tocará el sorteo,dejo mi comentario para participar y si me toca regalar las luces a mi hijo.Cuiden y no malgasten el agua!!!por un mundo mejor.Buenos humos

  466. Mr.Green says:

    I have already tested MARS HYDRO products like LEDs and tents with great results though did not tested yet 4800 series. Fingers crossed

  467. drufuss says:

    To get the fc4800 giveaway would be great.
    Then I could replace my faulty TS3000

  468. Ron Westcott says:

    I don’t know where my original post went so I’ll post again.

    I currently have 3 TS3000’s and 1 TS2000. I love the mars hydro line up and would love to get my hands on an FC 4800

  469. João Anjo says:

    Best leds ever

    1. Bierot says:

      Super lampe j’ai hâte de recevoir la mienne

  470. Steven Hall says:

    I have used many mars lights, working my way up to these beauty’s

  471. Steven Hall says:

    Great lights great price

  472. Steven Hall says:

    I never win anything, help me break this habit pleeeease

  473. Joshua Goldman says:

    Thank you MarsHydro for the chance alone!!??.
    I do have a Ts1000 but really would love to upgrade my lighting situation…just being a single father and caring for my parents, both have cancer, so between all that im financially NOT ABLE to purchase yells new technology lights,etc…! So a win would be an amazing opportunity! Ty again! ????

  474. Fredrik says:

    I bought both a ts600 for my 60×60 tent and a TS2000 for my 100×100 Marshydro tent. The Big one is dimmable and i gotta say, my chillis loved it. Good lamps that are affordable.

  475. Le says:

    Guten Tag! I always liked MarsHydro, the brand, the quality, the price. Everything fits. To grow with MarsHydro is a no-brainer. If i win this light, i might have to buy a bigger tent 🙂

  476. Måns says:

    Have 2 mars hydro ts1000 love them both, perfect for my Peppers, tomato, strawberries. Havet botten Light in a 120x120x200 and They love this lamp.

  477. Mattimaro says:

    Mars Hydro Best Lamp Ever. I have a ts1000 and a fc-3000??.

  478. ArizonaCultivator420 says:

    I currently run a ts1000 but this is what I need to get the most out of my 3×3 when I scrog those sativa strains from wall to wall. I get about 35 to 40 tops in my 3×3 but with my ts1000 only the ones in the center of the lights footprint get chunky chunky. With this I would have fatty buds across the whole canopy!!

  479. Mike Mimmj says:

    I’d LOVE to have this light.

  480. Yogi 420 says:

    hope i win it will go in my new growroom next to my TS2000

  481. Ronald Osborne jr says:

    Love mars hydro products I got some viperspectra lights that’s are getting old need a good upgrade be great to have a chance to win this incredible prize

  482. Tarek says:


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