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Inline Fan Carbon Filter Combo
Digital Thermostat Controller
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Mars Hydro Fan with Carbon filter kits

Mars Hydro Inline Duct Fan & Carbon filter Filter 


Compared to traditional oscillating fans, MARS HYDRO duct fans push air into your tent or grow room for better ventilation, providing a healthier environment for your plants to grow. 

Designed to ventilate grow rooms, transfer heating/cooling, circulate air, and cool AV closets. MARS HYDRO powerful inline vent fan provides adequate ventilation and prevents odors in your tent or grow room. Variable speed controller for easy fan speed adjustment. Optimal ventilation for your planting. Ventilation fan housing and blades are made of durable plastic with low noise. Compared to AC motor Longer service life safer & quieter operation. MARS HYDRO inline duct fan blades have a mixed flow design to provide active air to your growing space.


Pair the Mars Hydro inline fan with a carbon filter to effectively block odors from seeping out of your grow tent. 1050+ Virgin Australian activated charcoal, delivering filtered airflow. PRE-FILTER high-quality material blocks 99% of the particles. Efficient removal of dust, pollen. Ideal for grow tents, hydroponic rooms, and other ventilated applications. It can be used as an intake or exhaust filter, eliminating smelliness, pungent smells.


Flexible ducting made of high-quality double-layer Aluminum film, Prevent the duct from tearing, prolong the service life. Built-in steel wire spiral structure, 360-degree arbitrary bending, smooth exhaust, easy to install and not easily deformed.
The ducting designed for for heating ventilation & air conditioning, kitchens, bathrooms, grow rooms, grow tents, etc. The ducting length can be shortened by cutting to suit a variety of applications.


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