Mars Hydro SP Incomparable Light Penetration

Mars Hydro SP Samsung LM301B Diode Drived

Mars Hydro SP Led Grow Lights

  • High PPE as 2.8umol/j 
  • Max growing result: 2.5g/w 
  • Saving at least 30% energy than traditional led grow light
  • White color, more natural to sunlight  
  • Full Spectrum for the whole growing cycle
  • New SMD chip, higher output, longer lifespan
  • Wattage adjustable (SP3000 & SP6500) 
  • IP65 waterproof

SP series LED, High light penetration and strong power, best for indoor tall plants applications and greenhouse.

With a thick aluminum passive heat sink and densely arranged chips, SP series LED offers cultivators with high efficacy but low heat environment, helping maximize crop yields without noise or heat worries while spreading light deep enough for tall plants.

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Mars Hydro SP 3000 300W LED Grow Light Veg Flower Plants Growth Lamp Hydroponics Garden


SP3000 is a large single strip LED grow light fitted with high-quality Samsung LM301B chips and a broad spectrum of boosted red light. Equipped with high penetration and minimum obstruction of natural sunlight, It's highly recommended as supplemental or major lighting for greenhouses.  

Mars Hydro SP 150 140W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Strip Lampe

SP150, a small single bar LED grow light, with substantial blue in spectra, is an optimal lighting solution for home-grow vegetables, lettuce, succulents...its miniature enables flexibility in various home scenarios such as tables, cabinets, plant shelves, and as supplemental corner light. Mars Hydro Check the price at the -Frequently Bought Together (Only for special item)

Mars Hydro SP 6500 650W LED Grow Light Samsung Commercial Greenhouse Lampe

SP6500, as one of the huge single bar LED grow lights, installed with top quality Samsung LM301B diodes, designed with enhanced red in broad-spectrum light, emits the highest central PPF and has the superb penetration that its major applications are for high-wire plants and greenhouses. Mars Hydro Check the price at the -Frequently Bought Together (Only for special item)