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✨Shipping from Germany with EU plug   SHOP NOW>>>

Remote Control

Manage & monitor your garden from anywhere, at any time, using just your phone.

Tailored Schedule

Create a personalized growth plan by configuring dimming, timing, and climate triggers.

Integrated Smart Grow

Enjoy a fully automated indoor grow setup where every aspect of your cultivation is intelligently optimized.

Smart FC Samsung LEDs

The FC Series is a line of top LED grow lights designed for indoor grow rooms and vertical farms. With a uniform layout and full spectrum lighting, these lights provide high PPFD evenly across the canopy for consistent and uniform plant quality. The smart features allow remote control and adjustment using your smartphone or other devices, optimizing yield and quality for commercial growers and hobbyists alike.

sunrise icon    Uniform PPFD

led icon    Efficient Samsung Chips

thermometer icon     Fast Heat Dissipation

connection icon    Dimming Daisy Chain

Smart FC-E Series

The FC-E Series offers an affordable and efficient solution for your indoor garden needs. These lights feature an innovative grow light bar layout that maximizes both yield and space efficiency. With BridgeLux chips, a cooling system, and a dimmable design, the FC-E series is easy to operate, environmentally friendly, and energy-efficient.

profits icon  High Rate of Return

sunrise icon    Uniform PPFD

led strip icon  Movable Light Bars

connection icon    Dimming Daisy Chain

Mars Hydro APP

Smart Grow System

Learn more about Mars Hydro smart prducts and build your own smart grow system, all could be controlled through APP remotly and easily.

Light Up Your Knowledge​


1. Remote Control and App Control

The Smart LED Grow Light can be controlled remotely through MarsHydro app. This allows you to conveniently adjust the settings and monitor your plants from anywhere within range.

2. Timing and Scheduling

With the Mars Hydro app, you can program the timing and scheduling of the light cycles. This allows you to automate the lighting process and create customized lighting schedules for your plants, simulating natural day and night cycles.

3. Dimmable & Daisy Chain Functionality

The Smart LED grow lights are equipped with dimmable feature, enables you to fine-tune the light intensity according to the specific needs of your plants during different growth stages. you can connect multiple LED grow lights together with MarsHydro App, this capability is especially useful if you have multiple light fixtures in your indoor garden or growing area.

4. OTA Data Transfer

All data and settings are stored and transferred by OTA technology. Easily control the grow lights and schedule your grow plans via data reports.

iHub Smart Power Strip

Also known as a smart power outlet or smart plug, is a device that allows you to control and monitor the power supply to your electronic devices remotely

Power Scheduling:

 With power scheduling capabilities, you can set specific on/off schedules for each outlet on the power strip. This enables you to automate the power supply to devices based on your preferred timing, helping save energy and potentially enhancing security by simulating occupancy.

Control Multiple Devices

The iHub power strip provides 6 outlets to simultaneously control all of your devices and meet all of your needs with just one smart power strip. Of these 6 outlets, the Heating Pad Outlets [outlets #1 and #2 together with a USB port] can be used with Mars Hydro's seedling heat mats with a USB sensor to monitor and control the output temperature of the heat pad; Dimming Outlet [outlet #3 together with another USB port] is compatible with those Mars Hydro grow lamps with the new dimming box (no switch on the back) and other brands of LED grow lamps that use RJ11 or RJ12 as the dimming connection cable, thus making the dimming of lights on the iHub APP possible.

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