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TS LED Grow Light

Mars Hydro TS Best-Selling LED Over The Years
Mars Hydro TS Patented Reflective Enclosure

Mars Hydro TS Series: High Quality Affordable LED Grow Lights

  • High PPE up to 2.7umol/j
  • Harvest up to 2.4g/w
  • Saving at least 30% energy than traditional led grow light 
  • White full-spectrum color, more natural to sunlight
  • Full Spectrum for the whole growing cycle
  • New SMD chip, higher output, longer lifespan
  • UKCA, CE, RoHS listed, wattage adjustable driver (TS600 is not a wattage adjustable light) 

The Mars Hydro TS Series offers the most affordable LED grow lights with high-performance capabilities. These lights are designed for personal indoor and small-scale cultivation, providing efficient solutions for budget-conscious growers and houseplant enthusiasts. The TS Series incorporates the latest technology with a full spectrum for the entire growing cycle and a new SMD chip that delivers higher output and a longer longevity.

With a high PPE of up to 2.7umol/j, these lights offer exceptional energy efficiency, with a harvest potential of up to 2.4g/w, saving at least 30% more energy compared to traditional LED grow lights. The white full-spectrum color of these lights closely mimics natural sunlight, ensuring optimal plant growth. At the same time, the patented aluminum reflective hood design of the TS Series reduces light loss and increases light efficiency.

The TS series comes in various sizes to cater to different grow scenarios and needs, including TS600, TS1000, TSW2000, TSL2000, and TS3000, making them popular choices for indoor tents, closets, cabinets, balconies, warehouses, and plant shelves, suitable for both vegetative and flowering plants.

Each light is listed with UKCA, CE, and RoHS certifications and includes a wattage-adjustable driver (excluding TS600).

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