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Smart Grow System LED Grow Lights

Mars Hydro smart grow system, is the first revealed smart LED grow lights, supporting phone control and growth schedule programming. Smart LED is densely packed BridgeLux chips, giving an average PPFD of 1000umol/m²/s, suitable for personal and commercial veg rooms. Enjoy the convenience of smart iteration.

profits icon  High Rate of Return

sunrise icon    Uniform PPFD

led strip icon  Movable Light Bars

connection icon    Dimming Daisy Chain

FC Samsung LED Grow Lights

The FC Series is a range of high-quality LED grow lighting solutions to meet your grow room and vertical farms needs. This series features a uniform layout and full spectrum lighting to provide equal and high PPFD across the canopy, producing indoor plants of uniform and consistent quality for growers looking for year-round bountiful harvests.

sunrise icon    Uniform PPFD

led icon    Efficient Samsung Chips

thermometer icon     Fast Heat Dissipation

connection icon    Dimming Daisy Chain

FC-E Series LED Grow Lights

FC-E Series LED Grow Lights are the best value for money alternative for your indoor garden, with an innovative grow light bar layout to maximiz yields and space efficiency. By combining BridgeLux chip, cooling and dimmable design, our FC-E series is optimised for easy operation, environmentally friendly operation and efficient use of energy.

profits icon  High Rate of Return

sunrise icon    Uniform PPFD

led strip icon  Movable Light Bars

connection icon    Dimming Daisy Chain

TS Series LED Grow Lights

The best-selling grow light series for indoor gardening, TS Series provides enough PAR that is rich in red and blue for activating Photosynthesis from seed to harvest, it would help you achieve healthy plants and healthier plants. The patented reflective hood reduces light scattering and increases the light intensity allowing for good energy efficiency. The TS Series barely have competitors in its price range thanks to the rewarding grow lighting performance.

full-spectrum icon 3    Full Spectrum

reflection icon    Reflective Cover Design

goal icon    Most Beginner's Choice

connection icon    Dimming Daisy Chain

SP Series LED Grow Lights

The SP Series LED grow lights are the best greenhouse grow lights. With a large number of chips organized on a single LED bar and fitted with thick-finned heat sinks, it provides premium light penetration and a high ratio of red light while remaining as cool as the ambient. Equipped with a dimmable feature, the SP Series helps to match the dynamic DLI of indoor plants.

led icon    Efficient Samsung Chips

thermometer icon     Fast Heat Dissipation

skin icon    High Light Penetration

greenhouse icon2     Greenhouse LED Grow Lights

Other LEDs

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Reasons To Buy From Mars Hydro

Mars Hydro euro icon

Lowest Price - Factory Direct

The price is ex-factory without intermediate charge, that’s why our prices are unbelievably low than the same or lower quality light on the market.

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Fast EU Shipping

All orders (Monday-Friday) are usually shipped within 24 hours. Shipping from Germany & France warehouse, about 5-9 working days to deliver.

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Highest Quality - Professional Grade

LED grow lights are reliable as the production is carried out by their own proprietary factory with rigorous quality control rather than outsourcing.

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Excellent Service

Professional customer service are on hand to answer your questions and help you place correct item order. You can contact us here.

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Free-worry 5 Years Warranty

Mars Hydro extends 5-years warranty on our LED grow light, 30 days return. You can contact us at any time for warranty issues. Learn more.

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Top-Rated Reviews

Mars Hydro is active on social platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit forums, you will find many top reviews and great growing pictures by customers.

Light is essential for plants, and LED lights are extremely good at converting electricity to lighting. Leveraging LED's energy efficiency advantage, paired with specifically targeted wavelengths in the full spectrum, LED grow lights were born.

LED grow lights, as they were called, provide accurate spectra, cool lighting performance, and superior light penetration for indoor plants of any type, at any phase of the growth cycle. However, not all of them are good and suitable for your indoor growing. Some inferior LED grow lighting may be worse in performance than HPS or HID. Therefore, you need to find a reliable manufacturer and choose the best-suited grow light for your case.

The best LED grow lights vary depending on the indoor growing conditions. But by far, the best LED grow lights have similar characteristics: high-quality components, targeted spectrum, practical body design, dimmable features, friendly price, and network connectivity possibilities.

Mars Hydro's LED growing lights possess all of the above qualities built with years of research and professionalism. We so here to provide several necessary guides for prospective buyers to help you have a clear overview of our grow lights and acquire more knowledge on how to grow indoor plants with LED grow lights.


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