Mars Hydro FC6500 LED Grow Light for Commercial Growing
Geniune Samsung LM301B Diodes Osram Diodes increase crop Yields by up to 50%
FC6500 saves 50% on electricity bills than HID Light
Dimming Daisy Chain, FC6500 is dimmable max 15 lights can be connected
FC6500 is suitable for 150x150cm tent and commercial growing
Discreet package of FC6500 LED grow light
Mars Hydro FC 6500 Led Grow Light SamsungLED Commercial Greenhouse Indoor Kit

Mars Hydro FC 6500 Led Grow Light SamsungLED Commercial Greenhouse Indoor Kit

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  • New FC6500 Led Grow Light-Mars Hydro FC6500 led grow light,With the highest level components it uses such as Sumsung LM301D and Osram 660 chips, thick aluminum heatsink and dimming function,easy to connect and control lights up to 20pcs,the best choice for commercial grow!
  • Best-Selling Samsung Leds-2688pcs Samsung LM301D and Osram 660nm led chips, higher quality & more efficiency. Costing only 0.41 USD for every single chip.
  • Upgraded Sunlike Full Spectrum-More warm white and red chips added, extremely good for plants at all stages from veg to bloom.
  • Boom Yield & Increasing Crop Quality-High PPFD at 2.8 umol/j, average yield at 2.5g/w, increasing your yield 50% or more compared with old blurple and HPS lights.
  • Dimmer knob added-More convenient to adjust the brightness. Up to 20 lights can be daisy-chained and control together on just one light
  • No fan design, no noise-A whole layer of the aluminum heatsink achieving optimal heat dissipation. Removable driver and 2m extension cord helps lower the growing room temperature.
  • IP65 waterproof ratings-worry free in high humidity growing environment.
  • Power Draw: 650W ±10%
  • Max Coverage:6 x 6 ft
  • Core Coverage:5 x 5 ft
  • Product Size:113 x 112 x 10 cm
  • LED:2688pcsSamsung LM301D & Osram 660nm
  • Cord Length: 6ft=2m
  • Input Voltage: 100V-277V(AC)
  • Lumen : 121295lumen±5% 
  • Amp Draw: 1.26A/220v
  • PPF:2.8 umol/j
  • Net Weight:12.8 KG
  • Max Yield: 2.5g/watt
  • Replace HPS/HID: 1000W
  • Noise Level: 0 DB
  • Only available in Germany warehouse, NO FOR UK BUYER
  • Germany buyer-Shipping from DE warehouse, free shipping, no customs
  • EU buyer-Shipping from DE warehouse, fast shipping, no customs
  • Package includes: 1 light+1 steel hanging kits+ 1 power cord
  • UK plug for UK buyer, EU plug for EU buyer
  • PH Value :6.0~6.5 in soil.5.7~6.0 in hydro/DWC.Less nutrient less water.
  • More Cal and mag than usual. 75°-85°F,with plenty of airflow to replenish CO2.
  • Please keep the light away from water,sulfur,acid,which will destroy light easily.
  • Light may be too strong, please wear your LED Glasses to protect your eyes.
  • Please use the light under regulated voltage,voltage instability will influence light work and life-span as well.