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Mars Hydro FC-E 6500 with 150x150x200cm Completed Grow Tent Kits

Grow Tent - 150x150x200cm Indoor Grow Tent Grow Light - FC-E6500 LED Grow Light Ventilation System - 6'' Inline Fan & 6'' Carbon Filter Combo Mars Hydro 150x150x200cm grow tent kit includes all you need for indoor grow tent system - LED grow lighting, ventilation, filtration, ducting, plant containers, and other useful tools. Buying one grow tent kit and your 150x150x200cm indoor grow setup is perfectly ready.

Mars Hydro FC-E 6500 LED with 150x150x200cm Grow Tent 6inch Thermostat Fan Kits

·Power Draw:730W ·PPE: 2.8umol/J ·Yield: 2.5g/watt Removable multiple bar light, more even light distribution, helping growers achieve the premium result with a limited budget Package including: led, grow tent, inline fan, carbon filter, flex ducting