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Mars Hydro FC 4800 480W LED Grow Light Samsung LM301B Medical Indoor Lamp

·Power Draw:480W ·PPE:2.85μmol/j ·Yield:3g/watt As a medium multi-strip LED grow light, FC4800 is suggested for small-scale cultivation or commercial veg grow. Installed with Samsung LM301B chips and broad spectra, FC4800 utilizes a uniform photon distribution to acquire an even PPID and optimal PPF across the plant canopy.    

Mars Hydro Smart Grow System FC 4800 480W Smart LED Grow Light

·Power Draw:480W ·PPE:2.85μmol/j ·Yield:3g/watt Smart FC4800 LED grow lights that support APP control via cellphone and WiFi, featuring growth scheduling, auto-dimming, timing, and grow plan programming, suitable for personal cultivation and veg room.