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Most Cost-Effective

FC-E Series is the most cost-effective multiple bars LED grow lights. The unique arrangement of light chips allows for even light distribution, and the light bar is detachable for growers to design their own preferred lighting system

Mars Hydro FC-E 6500 730W LED Grow Light élèvent la lumière Commercial pour l’agriculture verticale

Nouvelle lampe à barres multiples amovible, répartition de la lumière plus uniforme, aidant les producteurs à obtenir le résultat premium avec un budget limité

NOUVEAU FC-E 8000 Led élèvent la lampe d’intérieur médicale commerciale légère pour la fleur de légumes

FC-E8000 est une solution d'éclairage alternative abordable pour la culture commerciale dans des applications de CO2 supplémentaires, fournissant un PPFD uniforme d'environ 1500 mol/m²/s à 10 pouces de hauteur, des lampes de culture à LED standard commercialement viables pour toute l'horticulture d'intérieur ajoutant du CO2 supplémentaire comme les fermes verticales, les maisons d'intérieur . Pour les producteurs d'horticulture d'intérieur, des cultivateurs professionnels aux amateurs.

FC-E 8000 / FC-E 6500
Commercial LED

Equipped with optimal passive cooling heat sinks to run cool and a thin shape to make sure they can be put as close to the crops. Mars Hydro FC-E series also generate uniform PPFD in order that vertical farmers can get quality and consistent harvest cycle after cycle.



Best Indoor LED

Uniform PAR Distribution and High PPFD Output



High Efficiency Light

Complete and uniform light helps producing better plants and higher yields.



Full Spectrum

Designed for commercial crops, more blue light added to the spectrum



Zero Noise

No fan needed, noise free

Reasons to Buy Light From Mars Hydro


Lowest Price - Factory Direct

The price is ex-factory without intermediate charge, that’s why our prices are unbelievably low than the same or lower quality light on the market.


Highest Quality - Professional Grade

LED grow lights are reliable as the production is carried out by their own proprietary factory with rigorous quality control rather than outsourcing.


Free-worry 5 Years Warranty

Mars Hydro extends 5-years warranty on our LED grow light, 30 days return. You can contact us at any time for warranty issues. Learn more.


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All orders (Monday-Friday) are usually shipped within 24 hours. Shipping from Germany & France warehouse, about 5-8 working days to deliver.


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5-year Warranty.

manufacturer warranty for led.

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