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Can any LED light be used as a grow plant light?

Many indoor growers want to know if they can use any LED lights as growing lights. They think there is no difference because they both can emit human visible light

However, we cannot use regular LED lights as grow lights because they are created differently.

Regular lights only provide illumination; that is to say, they are engineered as an artificial light source in order to lighten your dark spaces. They are comprised of narrow spectral wavelengths and usually do not have the proper spectrum of light to support photosynthesis.

On the other hand, grow lights are specifically designed to generate the right amount of light so plants can photosynthesize.

Regular led lamp

The commonly used kinds of regular LED lights for growing plants are fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. You can also use traditional horticultural lights and halogen lights such as metal-halide bulbs and high-pressure sodium bulbs. They are extremely hot and require ventilation to remove the heat from the air. Those other grow lights create the heat when converting the energy to light.

LED grow bulb

You can use any LED bulb to grow plants if they are emitting enough light. Plants often also look for warmth to come from the light source and we know LED bulbs do not provide much of that. 

Small cheap grow light

This grow light to be extremely effective. versatile and inexpensive. It is perfect for small home plants including herbs which you can keep going all winter.But it’s not powerful for large area and large plants.

Full Spectrum LED grow light

LEDs are great for your plants. Ours are calibrated to meet the exacting needs of indoor plants, with a boost of blue light to stimulate stronger roots, enhance photosynthesis, and ensure peak growth. They also give off very little heat.

Though they cost a bit more up front, LEDs are super-efficient. They use half the electricity and last 5x longer than fluorescent bulbs.

They’re earth-friendly. Mercury-free LED tubes won’t shatter like glass, so fewer end up in the landfill.

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