In seedling stage, plants are too vulnerable they need the least intensity and most distance, high-intensity light may burn the leaves. In vegetative stage,  plants respond well to intensity light, they are maturing and using photosynthesis to grow quickly. Flowering is the final stage of a plant’s growth cycle — during this time fruit production and stem growth accelerate, plants need the highest intensity

Recommend hanging distance above plants:
Germination: 50~70cm
Seedling: 45~60cm
Vegetative: 40~50cm
Flower: 20~40cm

Recommend lighting time:
Seedling: 18/6 (on/off)
Vegetative: 18/6 or 20/4(on/off)
Flower: 12/12 (on/off)

Recommend Dimming level:
Germination: 30%
Seedling: 50%~60%
Vegetative: 60%~100%
Flower: 100%

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Mars Hydro LED Grow Light growing tips for indoor plants from seed to flower