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Mars Hydro UR45 – The Best LED Grow Light Bars For UV & IR Supplement

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Experienced growers all know what the suitable UV ( Ultraviolet Light) and IR(Infrared) means for crop growth, and they are the key factors cannabis growers use to improve the quality of vegetative and flowering stage and increase final yields. Adding UV&IR lights to your existing high-power LED grow lights is undoubtedly a boost for the final growth stage, which is absolutely beneficial and harmless!

Preliminary Understanding: The Effects of UV and IR Light

UV (Ultraviolet Light): Ultraviolet light is a form of electromagnetic radiation emitted by natural sunlight, which consists of lights in three different wavelength ranges: UVA (400nm-315nm), UVB (315nm-280nm) and UVC (280nm-100nm). Among them, UVB and UVA have the most significant effects on crop growth. Lights in these two wavelength ranges are conducive to increasing the production of Trichomes (the more Trichomes produced, the higher the levels of THC and CBD). At the same time, it is also beneficial to increase leaves thickness and terpene production. In addition, exposing crops to UVA light can effectively avoid insects, inhibit mold growth and fungal development, and ensure your crops grow healthy.

IR (Infrared): Infrared light has a very long wavelength and very little energy. Human eyes can basically not see it, and can only feel the heat. As we all know, the combination of blue light and red light is invincible for crop cultivation. So it is necessary to add infrared light to your full spectrum light you already have. The most significant effect of red light is to help crops increase the rate of photosynthesis, promote the robust growth of stems, and produce more flowers and fruits.

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The Basic Information about Mars Hydro UV&IR Grow Light

In order to meet grower’s increasingly professional needs of growing, Mars Hydro launched a new grow light called UR45 LED grow light, dedicated to provide the sufficient supplementary UV and IR light based on the original white spectrum for plants. What’s the special of this grow light? Let’s find out the answer together!

Basic Parameters of Mars Hydro UV&IR LED Grow Light



Core Coverage


Max Coverage








Mars Hydro UR45 UV IR LED Grow Lights

Super Effective UV&IR Supplemental LED Grow Light

Mars Hydro UV&IR Grow Light consists of two light strips, with a total of 192 LED diodes, which can cover a maximum of 150x150cm growing area, so that ultraviolet and infrared light can evenly cover every part of the plant canopy. Moreover, the stable output power of the grow light is 45w (including ultraviolet light: 30W, infrared light: 15W), which can continuously and efficiently provide the required supplementary light for your plants, thereby increasing the yield.

Perfect Spectrum to Maximize Yield and Regulate Plants Growth

In order to maximize the effects of LED grow lights on crops, we developed the UV&IR supplementary light bars. After scientific development and research, ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 365-420nm and infrared light with a wavelength of 730-745nm are added to this grow light.

Ultraviolet light can induce the thickening of crop leaves and increase the light-absorbing area, thereby increasing yield. And the effects on cannabis cultivation is even more obvious – to increase the production of THC, CBD and terpenes in cannabis, it is a must-have supplementary light for cannabis growers. The Infrared (730-745nm) in the UR45 Supplementary Light Bars can be used with far red light to create a shade-avoidance response in plants to accelerate stem growth. In addition, adding appropriate infrared light can help plants enter the flowering and sleeping stage faster.

Unique Spectral Switch to Control UV&IR Separately

Every grower's supplemental lighting needs are different, some growers only need one kind of supplemental light - ultraviolet or infrared, while some growers need both. In order to reasonably solve this problem, each UV&IR grow light bars is equipped with a spectral switch, which is convenient for growers to freely choose the configuration of supplementary spectrum.

How to use Mars Hydro UR45 supplement light

Easy to Install on LED Grow Light & Shelf

In order to make it easier for growers to install this UV&IR supplementary light, UR45 grow light is designed as two individual light bars and we have equipped 4 fixed hooks and 4 adjustable hooks in each package, which are dedicated to Mars Hydro FC and FC-E series LED grow lights (FC6500/FC8000/FC-E6500/FC-E8000 LED grow light is recommend) and shelf, they are quite convenient and easy to install. At the same time, its Applicable scenes are also very versatile, you can use it in grow tents, grow room and greenhouse.

To Sum Up

After reading the above content, maybe you have a general understanding of the effects of UV and IR light on plants and Mars Hydro's new product UR45 LED grow light bars. If you have any questions or want to know more about our UV&IR supplemental grow light bars, please feel free to contact us!

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