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Pinnacle of LED Technology: The FC-EVO Samsung LED Grow Lights

Pinnacle of LED Technology: The FC-EVO Samsung LED Grow Lights

In the ever-evolving realm of indoor gardening, Mars Hydro's FC-EVO Samsung LED grow lights emerge as a groundbreaking innovation, setting a new benchmark in LED technology. Far from being mere tools for plant growth, these lights epitomize a fusion of scientific advancement, energy efficiency, and a commitment to environmental sustainability, thereby revolutionizing the practice of indoor cultivation.

The FC-EVO series represents a significant advancement in LED grow lighting industry. Engineered to emit a full spectrum of light akin to natural sunlight, essential for photosynthesis and overall plant health, these lights redefine efficiency. The series features a high-efficiency lighting system designed to maximize plant yield while minimizing energy consumption.

As we explore the features of the FC-EVO Samsung LED grow lights, it becomes clear that every element has been meticulously developed to offer unmatched advantages for both the plants and the gardener.

Key Features of FC-EVO Samsung LED Grow Lights

High Efficiency with LM301H EVO Chip

LM301H EVO Chip

The Mars Hydro FC-EVO Series represents the zenith of innovation in plant cultivation lighting, specifically tailored for indoor growing and vertical farming environments. This series elevates the standard set by its predecessor, the FC Series, by integrating the highly efficient Samsung LM301H EVO chips. These chips are celebrated for their exceptional efficacy of 3.14 μmol/j per diode, a feature that not only reduces power consumption but also enhances the light output, making the FC-EVO Series a remarkably energy-efficient solution for growers.

Key Specifications of the FC-EVO Series

  • Wattage: Ranging from 300w±5% to 1000w±5%

  • Chip Brand: Samsung LM301H EVO

  • Photosynthetic Photon Flux (PPF): 896umol/S - 3029μmol/S

  • Photosynthetic Photon Efficacy (PPE): 2.85μmol/j - 2.9μmol/j

  • Maximum Yield: Up to 3.5g/W

At the core of the FC-EVO Series is the advanced Samsung LM301H EVO chip, renowned for setting new benchmarks in the LED grow lighting industry. This superior chip technology is integral to the series' high performance, offering a full spectrum of light that supports every phase of plant development, from seedling to flowering. The comprehensive spectral coverage is designed to significantly enhance the flowering process, resulting in higher quality crops and greater yields.

Advanced Diode Technology

The advanced individual diode technology of the Samsung LM301H EVO LED grow light offers high efficiency and enhanced light output. The diodes are strategically positioned on a bar-style form factor, ensuring uniform light distribution and reducing hotspots.

Horticulture lighting technology guarantees coverage that closely emulates natural sunlight, promoting healthy and consistent plant growth.

Full Spectrum Grow Light Rich in Red and Blue

Full Spectrum Grow Light Rich in Red and Blue

The FC-EVO LED grow light series features a meticulously crafted spectrum blend, specifically designed to optimize plant growth and development at every stage. This blend includes a strategic combination of blue, red, and green light, each serving a distinct and crucial role in plant health and productivity.

  • Blue Light (400-500 nm): The blue spectrum is vital during the vegetative phase of plant growth. It encourages strong and healthy vegetative growth by stimulating the development of leaves and stems. Blue light is also instrumental in promoting the accumulation of essential phytochemicals, which are critical for plant health and resilience. These phytochemicals include compounds like flavonoids and terpenes, which can enhance the plant's nutritional and medicinal value.

  • Red Light (620-700 nm): Red light plays a pivotal role in the flowering and fruiting stages of plants. It accelerates the maturation process, significantly improving the quality and density of buds and flowers. The red spectrum triggers specific responses in plants, such as flowering, by influencing phytohormones that regulate growth. This leads to more abundant and healthier yields, especially in flowering plants and fruits.

  • Green Light (500-600 nm): Often underestimated in its importance, green light is also included in the FC-EVO's spectrum blend. While plants reflect a lot of green light, giving them their characteristic color, a certain amount is absorbed and used efficiently, especially in deeper plant tissues. Green light ensures a more uniform light distribution within the plant canopy, enhancing light penetration to lower leaves and supporting overall plant growth. This is particularly beneficial in dense plantings where lower leaves might otherwise be shaded by upper foliage.

The combination of these specific light wavelengths in the FC-EVO series ensures that plants receive a balanced and full spectrum grow light diet. This balanced spectrum supports all stages of plant growth, from seedling to flowering, leading to healthier plants, more abundant yields, and higher quality produce. By understanding and harnessing the power of different light wavelengths, the FC-EVO series provides an advanced solution for growers looking to optimize their plant growth environments.

Advanced Heat Dissipation

Effective heat management is a fundamental aspect in extending the lifespan and maintaining the performance of LED lights. The FC-EVO series addresses this crucial need through its advanced heat dissipation system.

Central to the FC-EVO series' heat management system is its innovative wave-shaped heat sink. This design facilitates rapid heat dissipation, efficiently drawing heat away from the LED chips. By preventing the build-up of excessive heat, this design ensures the lights operate smoothly without any interruptions caused by overheating.

Additionally, the FC-EVO series incorporates a multi-bar style design, which plays a vital role in its cooling efficiency. This design features strategically placed spaces between the light bars, allowing for optimal air circulation. This arrangement not only disperses heat more effectively but also prevents the formation of hot spots. Hot spots can be detrimental to LED performance and longevity, so their mitigation is crucial for maintaining consistent light output and prolonging the life of the LEDs.

By effectively managing heat, these LED lights offer a sustainable and efficient lighting solution, ideal for a variety of applications where long-term performance and durability are essential.

Versatility with Dimmable Feature

The dimmable feature of the FC-EVO grow lights adds a layer of versatility and adaptability essential for successful indoor gardening. This feature enables gardeners to tailor the light intensity to meet the specific needs of plants at different growth stages. Unlike standard lighting solutions, the FC-EVO series comes equipped with an advanced auto-dimming function. This function allows for precise adjustments not just on a daily basis, but down to the specific year, month, day, hour, and even minute. Such granularity ensures that the light intensity is perfectly aligned with the unique requirements of each growth phase.

One of the standout aspects of this dimming capability is the Sunrise & Sunset Simulation feature. By mimicking the natural light patterns of sunrise and sunset, this feature creates a more natural and conducive growing environment. This is particularly beneficial for indoor gardens, as it replicates the natural photoperiod that plants would experience in an outdoor setting. This level of detail in light management offers professional-grade control, making it an ideal choice for both hobbyists and experienced growers alike.

The ability to precisely control light intensity throughout the plant's lifecycle is crucial. It not only optimizes growth conditions at each stage but also enhances the overall health and productivity of the plants. The FC-EVO's dimmable feature, with its detailed customization and natural light simulation, thus provides a significant advantage for indoor gardening enthusiasts seeking to maximize their plant growth potential.

Convenience of Smartphone Control

Convenience of Smartphone Control

In today's smart technology landscape, the FC-EVO series represents a significant advancement in grow light systems, offering seamless integration with a smartphone app for enhanced control and customization. This integration enables growers to manage their lighting environment with greater convenience and precision, essential for optimal plant growth.

Imagine being able to control and monitor your grow lights from the palm of your hand. With the FC-EVO series, this is not just a possibility, but a reality. The series integrates with the Mars Hydro app, allowing users to remotely adjust settings, schedule growth cycles, and monitor plant progress using their smartphones.

Through the Mars Hydro App, the FC-EVO series introduces the capability of mobile connectivity, accessible via smartphones or tablets. This feature allows users to remotely control and monitor their grow lights, a particularly useful function for those who need to manage their indoor plants but can't always be physically present. With just a few taps on their device, users can easily adjust settings, schedule lighting times, and monitor the system's performance.

Data transfer and settings adjustments are made simple and efficient using OTA (Over The Air) technology. This ensures a secure and seamless exchange of information between the grow light system and the user's mobile device, providing real-time updates and control options.

This feature is not only beneficial for hobbyists or casual growers with time constraints but also proves invaluable for commercial growers who manage large-scale operations with hundreds of lights. The ability to remotely control and adapt the lighting system from any location significantly enhances the management of large indoor farming setups, making the FC-EVO series a smart choice for both individual and commercial horticultural applications.

The Distinctive Edge of the FC-EVO Series

The FC-EVO Series represents a significant advancement in LED grow light technology, especially when compared to its predecessors, the FC and FC-E series. Several key differences and innovative features set the FC-EVO Series apart, solidifying its position as a superior choice in the indoor gardening landscape.

  1. LED Chips/Diodes: One of the most notable differences lies in the LED diodes used. The FC series utilizes Samsung diodes, specifically the Samsung LM301B, which have an official efficacy data of 2.92 μmol/J. In contrast, the FC-E series is equipped with BridgeLux diodes (2835 series) that have a tested efficacy of 2.8μmol/J. The FC-EVO series takes this further by using Samsung LM301H EVO chips, which are known for their high efficiency, boasting an impressive efficacy of 3.14 μmol/j per individual diode.

  2. PPE/PPFD: PPE and PPFD are critical metrics for measuring the efficiency and effectiveness of grow lights. While the FC series has a higher efficacy than the FC-E series, the gap is relatively small, suggesting that both would yield similar grow results. However, the FC-EVO series elevates this efficiency, leading to potentially better cultivation outcomes.

  3. Price and Applications: There is a noticeable price difference between the series, largely due to the cost of the Samsung diodes used in the FC and FC-EVO series. In terms of applications, while the small differences in PPE might not significantly impact personal cultivation, they could lead to considerable differences in commercial operations. The FC series is more suited for high-demand, top-quality cultivation across various scales, whereas the FC-E series and the FC-EVO series cater to high-yield, quality-oriented cultivation, particularly beneficial for individual growers or small-scale commercial setups.

  4. Heat Dissipation: All three series employ a wave-shaped heat sink on each light bar to enhance cooling efficiency. However, the FC-EVO series distinguishes itself with the integration of high-efficiency Samsung LM301H EVO chips, known for superior performance and advanced heat management. This implies that the FC-EVO series has a more sophisticated approach to heat dissipation, crucial for maintaining the longevity and efficacy of the grow lights. Enhanced heat dissipation in the FC-EVO series not only helps in preventing damage to the diodes but also ensures a stable and conducive environment for plant growth. Compared to the effective heat management strategies of the FC and FC-E series, the FC-EVO series likely showcases superior heat dissipation capabilities, thanks to its advanced chip technology, making it a more reliable and efficient choice for growers seeking high-end lighting solutions.

While the FC series, with its Samsung LM301B diodes, and the FC-E series, equipped with BridgeLux diodes, both offer effective solutions for various cultivation needs, the FC-EVO Series stands out for its combination of cutting-edge technology, efficient heat management, and high efficacy. These attributes make the FC-EVO Series an ideal choice for growers who seek top-tier lighting solutions that offer both high efficiency and reliability in indoor cultivation environments.


The FC-EVO Samsung LED Grow Lights are not just a product; they are a symbol of innovation and efficiency in the field of indoor gardening. By offering a blend of high efficiency, even light distribution, full spectrum lighting, advanced heat dissipation, versatile dimmable features, and smart control options, these lights are setting a new benchmark for indoor cultivation. They represent the future of indoor gardening, making it more efficient, sustainable, and technologically advanced.

Mars Hydro Smart FC 3000-EVO Samsung LM301H EVO 300W LED Grow Light for 100x100cm Grow Tent(Pre-order Before 15th Mar.)

·Power Draw:300W ·PPE:2.85μmol/j ·Yield:3.5g/watt Highest efficiency chip - Samsung LM301H EVO FC3000 LED grow light is advised for home cultivation like tent grow. Together with specialized white spectra that are rich in red and blue wavebands, FC3000 utilizes a uniform photon distribution to obtain an even PPFD and premium PPF across the plant canopy.

Mars Hydro Smart FC 4000-EVO Samsung LM301H EVO 320W LED Grow Strip Lights(Pre-order before 10th Mar.)

  • Power Draw: 320W
  • PPE: 2.85μmol/j
  • Yield: 3.5g/watt
  • Cultivation Coverage: 120x60cm
Highest efficiency chip - Samsung LM301H EVO FC4000 LED grow strip light is advised for home cultivation like tent grow. Together with specialized white spectra that are rich in red and blue wavebands, FC4000 EVO utilizes a uniform photon distribution to obtain an even PPFD and premium PPF across the plant canopy. FC 4000-EVO features a smart system that offers various functionalities, including remote control, wireless dimming, automated programming, and growth plans to help growers improve cultivation productivity and harvest with superior crop quality.

Mars Hydro Smart FC 4800-EVO Samsung LM301H EVO LED Grow Light – Best Yield 480W lamp for 120x120cm Grow Tent(Pre-order Before 25th Feb.)

·Power Draw:480W ·PPE:2.85μmol/j ·Yield:3.5g/watt Smart FC4800-EVO Samsung LM301H EVO LED grow lights that support APP control via cellphone and WiFi, featuring growth scheduling, auto-dimming, timing, and grow plan programming, suitable for personal cultivation and veg room.

Add UR45 UV IR LED to Level Up Your Plant Harvest

Mars Hydro Smart FC 6500-EVO Samsung LM301H EVO Commercial LED Grow Light – High Yield 730W lamp for 150x150cm Grow Tent

·Power Draw:730W ·PPE:2.85μmol/j ·Yield:3.5g/watt Smart FC6500-EVO Samsung LM301H EVO LED grow lights that support APP control via cellphone and WiFi, featuring growth scheduling, auto-dimming, timing, and grow plan programming, suitable for large-scale commercial cultivation and top-quality home cultivation.

Add UR45 UV IR LED to Level Up Your Plant Harvest

Mars Hydro Smart FC1000W-EVO Samsung LM301H EVO Commercial CO2 High Yield LED Grow Light


  • Power Draw:1000W
  • PPE:2.9μmol/j
  • Yield:3.5g/watt
Smart FC1000w Samsung LM301H EVOLED grow lights that support APP control via cellphone and WiFi, featuring growth scheduling, auto-dimming, timing, and grow plan programming, suitable for large-scale commercial cultivation and top-quality home cultivation.

Add UR45 UV IR LED to Level up your plant harvest

Mars Hydro Smart FC8000-EVO Samsung LM301H EVO 800W CO2 Commercial LED Grow Light for 150x150cm Grow Tent

·Power Draw:800W ·PPE:2.9umol/J ·Yield:3.5g/watt Smart FC8000-EVO Samsung LM301H EVO LED grow lights that support APP control via cellphone and WiFi, featuring growth scheduling, auto-dimming, timing, and grow plan programming, suitable for large-scale commercial cultivation and top-quality home cultivation. FC8000-EVO LED grow light supplies uniform PPFD averaging 1500μmol/m²/s, sufficient to activate 100% photosynthesis and obtain maximum yield at different CO2 concentrations.

Add UR45 UV IR LED to Level Up Your Plant Harvest

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