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The Differences Between VG Red Lights & Adlite Deep Red Lights

The Differences Between VG Red Lights & Adlite Deep Red Lights

When exploring enhanced plant growth through supplemental lighting, Mars Hydro presents two distinct options: the VG series and the Adlite series. Both series offer red lighting solutions, but they differ in features and functionalities tailored to various gardening needs.

Exploring the Differences Between VG Red Lights & Adlite Deep Red Lights


The Mars Hydro VG series, including models like VG40R and VG80R, brings unparalleled flexibility to indoor gardening lighting. This series is versatile, supporting not just top lighting but also excelling in under canopy lighting. It is perfect for overcoming growth challenges in the lower canopy areas, where light penetration is typically poor. The VG lights can be mounted in various positions—bottom, side, under, and top—providing a complete lighting solution that helps plants with slow growth and narrow leaves due to inadequate light exposure.


In contrast, the Adlite Deep Red series focuses on top lighting, making it an ideal complement to the FC/FC-E series for boosted performance. This configuration enhances lighting efficiency, significantly shortens growth cycles, and improves both yield and flavor by integrating deep red light into full-spectrum grow light setups.

Application Suitability

A standout feature of the Mars Hydro VG series is its IP65-rated water resistance, making it a superb choice for environments such as mushroom grow tents, where high humidity is a constant. This water resistance protects the light's circuitry and boosts its durability, ensuring safe and effective operation in moist conditions.

Environmental Considerations

Conversely, the Adlite series does not feature water resistance, which might restrict its use in humid environments where prolonged moisture exposure could affect the longevity and safety of the lights. This positions the VG series as a more durable option for growers needing reliable performance in challenging environmental conditions.


In the dynamic world of indoor gardening, choosing the right supplemental lighting is crucial for enhancing plant health and productivity. Whether you opt for the flexibility of the VG series or the specialized performance of the Adlite series depends on your specific gardening conditions and objectives, ensuring that each plant receives the optimal amount of care and light.

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