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Mars Hydro 122X52cm Seedling Heat Mat Digital Thermostat Combo

Mars Hydro professional heat mat perfect for seedling start and cutting propagation. Dimension: 122X52cm

Mars Hydro iFresh 6-Inch Smart Inline Duct Fan and Carbon Filter Combo with Speed Controller

Fan/Duct/Filter Size: 6 Inch Airflow: 402CFM Noise: 32dBA Controller Type: APP Smart Control The Mars Hydro 6'' Smart Ventilation Kit features a 6" inline duct fan that is controlled by the APP and a highly-efficient charcoal filter, providing you with an intelligent cooling and filtration system for your grow tent to regulate and purify the airflow and cliamte in your grow room.

Mars Hydro FC-E3000 with 100x100x180cm Completed Grow Tent Kits

  • Grow Tent -3.3'x3.3'x5.9' Grow Tent
  • Grow LED - FC-E3000 LED Grow Light
  • Ventilation Kit -4'' Inline Fan & 4'' Carbon Filter Combo
Mars Hydro 3x3 grow tent kits include everything you need to start a new indoor grow system: grow tent, LED grow lights, ventilation, filtration, tubing, planters, and other useful tools. Buy a grow tent kit and your 4x4 indoor grow is ready to go.

Mars Hydro iFresh 4-Inch Smart Inline Duct Fan and Carbon Filter Combo with Speed Controller (Pre-sale, expected to ship on December 5th)

Fan/Duct/Filter Size: 4 Inch Airflow: 205CFM Noise: <26.8dBA Controller Type: APP Smart Control The Mars Hydro 4'' Smart Inline Duct Fan features a 4" inline fan rated at 205CFM and a smart core controlled by OTA (over-the-air) information flow, providing you with a highly automated and configured ventilation fan to intelligently manage the climate data of your grow space.

Black Friday Special | Mars Hydro Drip Irrigation Kit Adjustable Premium Watering System

Regulate your indoor watering system with the Mars Hydro Drip Irrigation Kit! The hydronic kit includes a drip system (2 sizes of tubing and 8 water emitters), a pump (22W, 800L/H), and a bucket (5 gallons). Complete the installation of the drip irrigation bucket kit and you're all set for a convenient, pressure-regulated indoor watering system.

Mars Hydro 300x150x200cm Indoor Grow Tent 1680D Mylar Non Toxic Box


Mars Hydro 3x1.5x2m Grow tent for indoor Veg Flower Mars Hydro grow tents use 1680D thick canvas, heavy-duty steel pole, and SBS zippers, creating a non-toxic human work environment while using high-quality materials and locking all light in. Easy observation view window, removable floor tray, and a tool bag to help grow the plants indoors more conveniently.