5 Tips to choose the best LED grow lights

Choose the best LED grow light

Now more and more growers choose LED lights, but do you know how to choose the best quality LED lights for your plants?

As a brand with 13 years of LED light experience, Mars Hydro has the following 5 LED lights selection suggestions for your reference.

1. LED Chip Brand and Model

Exceptional LED chips are from Samsung, Osram, Bridgelux, and Epistar … The low-cost LED grow lights that are packed with inferior LED chips will not create the ideal wavelengths of light and have substandard performance.

A light usage excellent brand chips does not merely mean it uses the most effective chip model. The most effective line is Samsung 3030( LM301) line. So buyers beware that when a light claims to be a Samsung chip, ask the vendor chip design and choose Samsung 3030, and pick LM301H and LM301B right.

2. The Uniformity of PPFD

You need to take a look at the PPFD map. PPFD is extremely essential and many LED grow lights have an uneven PPFD.

3. The Spectrum

Keep in mind that it is the red blues, IR, and UV that likewise counts when growing your medical plants, so you intend to stick to the ideal PAR values. Try to find blues that have an array from 440-470nm, with reds in the 640 to 660nm.

4. Cooling Aspects

LED lights warm occurs behind the bulb in LEDs, which area needs to be secured. A top quality light will certainly have a thick aluminum warm sink connected to the back outside or indoor area which requires the warmth away from the chips. Not just does this lower running prices but likewise the sound that prevailed with lights with followers.

5. The Guarantee

Look for lights with more than an one-year guarantee, LEDs are made to last approximately 10 years, a much longer service warranty time can guarantee the life of the light.

The components guarantee is better anyway because the light will certainly continue to function no matter the part that needs changing. You can easily change the absent component yourself when it gets here, and also in the meantime, your plants still obtain the nutrients they need.

As a senior brand in the LED lights industry, Mars Hydro chooses Samsung and Osram chip and continuously optimize product performance, provide 5-year warranty service. It is definitely the best choice for LED lights! Please find out more information on Mars Hydro’s Contact Us page.

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