Mars Hydro FC series and FC-E series – what’s the difference?

the difference in between Mars Hydro FC and FC-E

As a brand with 13 years of LED light experience, Mars Hydro knows exactly what sort of lights growers need to satisfy their demands. Consequently, we created 4 series of lights according to the different requirements of the farmers. The most depictive ones are the FC collection as well as FC-E series. So do you recognize the definition of FC and FC-E? What’s the distinction in between them? Let me tell you the answer!

FC Series

FC means Foldable Commercial. As its name recommends, we can see both characteristics of the light collection, commercial and also collapsible. Why is it a business light?
The advanced Samsung LM301b chip drives the whole light with low current, which can effectively prevent overdrive. Multi-bar style as well as accurate chip design make PPFD evenly distributed. The 180 ° foldable layout is simple to install as well as store, helping you conserve time and also room. Incorporated with these benefits, it is the light made for industrial interior and vertical grows. (FC 3000 and FC 8000 is not foldable, FC8000 is with removable bars)

PPE: 2.85 µmol/j

Max Yield: 3.0 g/w

LED: Samsung LM301B

Design: 180° foldable design

Purchase advice: For growers who require High quality results and high returns

FC-E Series

FC-E represents Flexible Commercial Economic, as well as its most significant advantage is its performance while having an economical price.The high effectiveness is manifested in its chip count, PPFD and also PPE.
FC-E collection takes on Bridgelux chips, the number of chips is two times as lots of as comparable lights. The multi-bar style and also special chip format make it possible for the PPFD worth to be uniformly distributed in the efficient variety. Additionally, FC-E collection take on a removable bar design, which is extremely flexible to change bench setting according to your plants’ area as well as setup.

PPE: 2.8 µmol/j

Max Yield: 2.5 g/w

LED: BridgeLux

Design: Removable bar design

Purchase advice: For growers who have limited budget butrequire high returns

Now you recognize the distinction between FC and also FC-E. All in all, FC stands for 180 ° foldable, greater PPE value and also even more yield. The FC-E indicates detachable, high effectiveness and a much more economical price. Mars Hydro strives for excellence in product high quality as well as is devoted to offering clients with different choices.Please figure out even more details on Mars Hydro’s Contact Us page.

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2 thoughts on “Mars Hydro FC series and FC-E series – what’s the difference?

  1. Michael says:

    I purchased fc 8000 and it doesn’t fold

    1. emily says:

      Hi Michael, thanks for the comment. FC 8000 is not foldable because it’s too big, it may be broken in the transit. Happy growing with Mars Hydro

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