ADLITE Supplement Light – A Guide to Level Up Your Harvest

ADLITE Supplement Light - A Guide to Level Up Your Harvest

Welcome to a new era in plant growth technology! Prepare to step into the future with the upcoming launch of the ADLITE Series, crafted for the enthusiastic indoor gardener and the experienced horticulturist alike. ADLITE is poised to become an indispensable tool for achieving unparalleled plant growth. Get ready to witness its remarkable capacity to transform plant cultivation through its efficiency and effectiveness!

Introducing the ADLITE Series: A Deeper Dive

The ADLITE Series represents the next generation of horticultural lighting, poised to revolutionize plant cultivation. This cutting-edge collection includes models like UV30, UV50, IR15, IR30, Red30, and Red55, each engineered for superior performance and specific growth stages.

Now, let's explore the standout features and specifications that each ADLITE model brings to the table:


Spectrum Range (nm)

Power Draw (W)

Coverage (ft/cm)

Size (ft /cm)



15W±5% x2

3'x2' / 90x60

2'x0.1'x0.1' / 60x3.1x3.5



27W±5% x2

4'x2' / 120x60

3'x0.1'x0.1' / 90x3.1x3.5



8W±5% x2

3'x2' / 90x60

2'x0.1'x0.1' / 60x3.1x3.5



15W±5% x2

4'x2' / 120x60

3'x0.1'x0.1' / 90x3.1x3.5



15W±5% x2

3'x2' / 90x60

2'x0.1'x0.1' / 60x3.1x3.5



27W±5% x2

4'x2' / 120x60

3'x0.1'x0.1' / 90x3.1x3.5

This remarkable lineup blends carefully curated spectrums, smart design, and exceptional performance to create a horticultural experience like no other.

To optimize plant growth, it's crucial to match your main grow lights with the appropriate ADLITE model. For lights under 500W, suitable for small to medium areas, opt for the UV30/IR15/Red30. If your setup includes lights over 500W, ideal for larger spaces, the UV55/IR30/Red55 are recommended for their wider coverage.

To help you quickly get started with our new product, we have summarized some usage tips for your reference:

using tips

Embark on an exciting exploration of advanced horticulture with ADLITE, set to revolutionize your plant cultivation practices.

Enhancing Plant Vitality with ADLITE UV Series

The ADLITE UV Series brings to light the crucial role of UV lighting in modern plant growth. This series is designed to intensify plants' color, taste, and nutritional content. UV light exposure triggers an increase in secondary metabolites such as flavonoids and anthocyanins, which enhance the plant's resistance to pests and diseases. It also significantly contributes to improving the plant's overall nutritional value and biomass. With the ADLITE UV Series, cultivators have the ability to adjust UV exposure at various stages of growth, resulting in healthier and more resilient plants.

Application of UV Light

Utilizing UV light in plant cultivation requires careful management due to its potent effects.

It's generally recommended to avoid UV light during seed germination as it can hinder the process and negatively affect delicate seedlings. Once plants enter their growth phase, introducing UV light for brief 5-minute intervals every hour can be beneficial. This approach balances the advantages of UV exposure with the need to protect plants from its potential drawbacks, ensuring plants benefit from UV light without suffering from overexposure.

In the initial stages of vegetative growth, applying UV-A light for 1-2 hours daily can be advantageous. UV-A contributes to the synthesis of critical pigments and antioxidants, bolstering seedling resilience and enhancing photosynthesis. This strategic UV-A application fosters the development of robust seedlings with superior light absorption and defense capabilities.

When plants reach the flowering stage, integrating 10 minutes of UV light per hour, alongside your primary lighting, can be advantageous. In the onset of flowering, a cumulative 60 to 90 minutes of UV light daily can significantly enhance flower and bud formation, setting a solid foundation for the flowering phase.

Mid-flowering phase benefits from an increase in UV exposure to 90-120 minutes daily, supporting steady flower development. During the final 2-3 weeks of flowering, extending UV exposure to a total of 120 minutes daily can further enhance bud and flower maturation, leading to a prosperous harvest.

The Role of ADLITE IR Series in Plant Growth

The ADLITE IR series underscores the significance of Infrared (IR) light in promoting plant growth, especially during flowering and fruiting stages. IR light's deep tissue penetration encourages stem elongation and flowering, and aids in regulating plant growth cycles for timely flowering or dormancy. Its thermal properties also elevate metabolic rates, fostering healthier growth. Leveraging the ADLITE IR series and following its guidance allows for optimal IR light exposure throughout the growth cycle, culminating in exceptional yields.

Application of IR Light


For optimal utilization of the ADLITE IR Series during the critical flowering phase of plant growth, it's recommended to adopt a targeted approach to infrared light application.

Administer a daily total of 30 minutes of infrared light to your plants, split into two separate 15-minute intervals for maximum efficacy. Initiate the first session just before activating your primary grow lights to prime your plants for the day's growth activities. The second session should follow the deactivation of your main lights, aiding in the seamless transition of plants into their nocturnal rest period.

This methodical scheduling ensures that plants fully harness the advantages of IR light, including promoting stem elongation, speeding up the flowering process, and enhancing metabolic activities, all while maintaining their natural photoperiods. Adopting this regimen can markedly improve plant vitality and yield during the flowering stage, capitalizing on the unique benefits of IR illumination in indoor cultivation scenarios.

Boosting Plant Health with ADLITE Red Light Series

The ADLITE Red Light series emerges as a crucial element in refining the flowering and fruiting stages of plants. This innovative lighting solution is engineered to significantly prolong the flowering phase, leading to the development of larger, more vigorous fruits. The influence of the Red series extends beyond growth enhancement; it critically enhances the visual appeal of plants by intensifying the vibrancy of flowers and fruit pigmentation. This deepening of colors not only boosts the aesthetic value of the plants but often signifies an improvement in the nutritional quality and appeal of the harvest. Integrating the ADLITE Red series into your indoor gardening setup promises a harvest that is not only bountiful and healthy but also visually appealing and nutritionally enriched.

Application of Red Light

Deep Red

For optimal effectiveness, red light exposure should be aligned with the primary lighting schedule, ensuring it is applied consistently during the entire flowering stage. This usually means delivering 12 hours of red light each day, in harmony with the plants' natural photoperiod.

Such synchronization ensures that plants benefit from a steady and sufficient amount of red light, crucial for enhancing the processes of flowering and fruit formation.

Which One to Choose?

To facilitate your selection process, we have made recommendations based on different models of ADLITE.

ADLITE ModelBest Match Lights
ADLITE UV30FC3000/FC4800
ADLITE UV55FC6500/FC8000
ADLITE IR15FC3000/FC4800
ADLITE IR30FC6500/FC8000
ADLITE Deep Red30FC3000/FC4800
ADLITE Deep Red55FC6500/FC8000


The combined application of UV, IR, and Red lighting plays a pivotal role in nurturing healthier plants and achieving more abundant yields. This approach is beneficial across a diverse range of plant types, including herbs, vegetables, and decorative flora. Leveraging the specific mix of these advanced lighting solutions can fully harness the growth capabilities of your garden.

Adopting the ADLITE series represents a commitment to a scientifically-backed method of indoor gardening, ensuring each plant is exposed to the ideal light spectrum for its growth and flourishing.

Anticipate the exciting introduction of ADLITE to your gardening endeavors, and prepare to witness the extraordinary impact it will have on the vitality and productivity of your indoor garden!

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