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Guide to Buying Equipment for Growing 3 Weeds

Welcome to the "Guide to Buying Equipment for Growing 3 Weeds," your guide to integrating the beauty of nature into your urban living space. Following recent changes in German law, which now permits adults to grow up to three weed plants for personal use, indoor gardening has gained a new and exciting facet. This guide combines the peaceful ambiance of traditional indoor plants with the unique opportunity to cultivate newly legalized varieties. Tailored for city dwellers, this manual aims to empower both seasoned and novice gardeners to create a thriving indoor oasis, even within the confines of a small apartment.

Equipment Guide: Mars Hydro's Compact Solutions

As the legal landscape around weed cultivation becomes more lenient in certain countries and regions, more individuals are considering the possibility of growing weed at home. If you're thinking about cultivating 3 weed plants indoors, understanding how to select the right equipment is key to ensuring a successful grow.

1. Choosing the Right Grow Tent

Embarking on the journey of indoor gardening is both exciting and rewarding, and choosing the right grow tent is a pivotal first step. Grow tents offer a myriad of benefits that cater to the nurturing and thriving of your plants, providing a micro-environment that mirrors ideal outdoor conditions, even within confined spaces. For enthusiasts looking to cultivate up to three plants, space efficiency is key. Sizes like 60x60cm, 70x70cm, 100x100cm, or 60x120cm feet are recommended to ensure each plant has sufficient room to flourish. The reflective interiors of these tents play a crucial role in plant growth, ensuring light reaches the plants from all angles.

Why Mars Hydro Stands Out

As we delve into the benefits of grow tents, it becomes clear that not all tents are created equal. The success of your indoor garden relies heavily on the quality and features of the grow tent you choose, making Mars Hydro a standout choice for gardeners aiming to elevate their indoor gardening experience.

- Durability: Built with a sturdy metal framework and durable metal corner adapters, these tents resist shaking, rust, and paint peeling, ensuring long-term stability.

- Optimal Light Retention: Made with tear-resistant 1680D Oxford cloth and heavy-duty SBS zippers, they effectively prevent light leakage, maximizing light utilization for your plants.

- Superior Light Reflection: The interior's diamond-patterned reflective polyester film lining boosts light intensity by 25%, promoting balanced plant growth by ensuring even light distribution.

- User-Friendly Design: Features like dual-sleeve ventilation ports, removable floor trays, and observation windows make maintenance easy and allow for hassle-free plant monitoring.

- Controlled Growing Conditions: These tents provide a private space to precisely manage temperature and humidity, ensuring optimal growth conditions year-round.

- Easy Setup: Their intuitive design allows for straightforward assembly without the need for specialized tools, ideal for both beginners and experienced gardeners.

2. Lighting System

When selecting LED lights for your grow tent, there are various options available, each with distinct features to suit your needs. It's crucial to choose an LED grow light that encompasses the entire area of the tent to ensure all three plants receive adequate illumination. Given the varying heights of plants like weed, adjustable LED lights are advantageous, providing the flexibility to alter the light intensity and distance as the plants grow.

For a 60x60cm Grow Tent

For indoor gardeners working within a compact 60x60cm space, the Mars Hydro TS600 LED grow light offers an efficient and effective lighting solution. Notably energy-efficient, this light operates on just 100 watts with 225 high-performance chips, achieving a 30% energy saving when compared to traditional 150w HPS lights. Its superior performance, with a PPF of 190 umol/s and PPE of 2.0 umol/j, can outshine conventional lighting by 50% and potentially increase yields by up to 30%.

The TS600 is designed with a patented reflective hood that optimizes light distribution, ensuring every plant receives ample illumination for optimal growth and health. Additionally, it emits a full spectrum of light, including essential IR wavelengths, to support vital processes like photosynthesis and bud formation.

This grow light is particularly user-friendly, making it an ideal choice for both seasoned growers and those new to indoor gardening. Its "plug and play" setup means it's ready to use immediately, simplifying the indoor gardening process. Suitable for use in grow tents, small rooms, and on plant shelves, the TS600 effectively covers vegetative growth in its specified area and supports flowering in spaces up to 60x60cm, making it a versatile tool for enhancing your gardening efforts with minimal hassle.

For a 70x70cm Grow Tent

For those looking to optimize their indoor gardening within a 70x70cm grow tent, three distinct Mars Hydro grow lights cater to various needs and budgets while ensuring plant growth and yield efficiency.

The Mars Hydro TS1000 is tailored for novice growers, offering an all-encompassing solution with its full spectrum light range (400nm-700nm), including infrared (730-740nm) to enhance flowering and yields. This model is particularly appealing for its balance between performance and affordability, drawing 150W of power and effectively covering a vegetative space of 70x70cm and a flowering area of 60x60cm. Its design features, like a compact form and a reflective aluminum hood, ensure maximized light intensity and distribution, making it ideal for up to three small plants.

Stepping up, the Mars Hydro FC 1500-EVO leverages high-efficiency Samsung LM301H EVO LED chips, catering to all growth stages with its specific spectrum range, including 660-665nm, 2800-3000K, and 4800-5000K wavelengths. With a 150W power consumption, this model promises energy savings alongside potent light output, characterized by a PPE of 2.8μmol/S and a PPFD of up to 427 μmol/m²/s. Its compact design and effective heat dissipation system make it a fitting choice for dense indoor gardens, offering both efficiency and longevity.

For budget-conscious gardeners seeking performance without a hefty price tag, the Mars Hydro FC-E 1500 presents an alternative. It utilizes Bridgelux chips for luminous efficiency in a dense LED layout, covering a 60x60cm vegetative area and a 100x100cm flowering space with a 150W±5% power draw. This model stands out for its energy-efficient output of 2.8 µmol/J PPE and 420µmol/S PPF, capable of yielding up to 2.5g per watt. It ensures uniform light distribution to avoid uneven growth, and offers features like a removable power supply, dimmability, and the capability to connect up to 30 units, making it versatile for small indoor setups.

Each of these products is designed to fit perfectly within a 70x70cm grow tent, with specific strengths to cater to different preferences and requirements, from beginners to those looking for energy efficiency or cost-effectiveness without

For a 100x100cm Grow Tent

For gardeners with a 100x100cm grow tent, the Mars Hydro FC3000-EVO and FC-E3000 grow lights present tailored solutions, each with unique features to accommodate different budgets without compromising on growth efficiency.

The Mars Hydro FC3000-EVO stands out with its high-efficiency Samsung LM301H EVO chips, designed to maximize photosynthesis and plant growth within a 100x100cm space. It boasts a PPF of 896μmol/S and a PPE of 2.85μmol/j, ensuring not only efficiency but also even light distribution to eliminate hotspots and foster uniform plant development. The fixture's advanced design incorporates rapid heat dissipation mechanisms, which help maintain performance and prolong the light's durability, making it an ideal choice for serious indoor gardeners focused on optimizing their 100x100cm grow tent's output.

For those looking to economize without sacrificing performance, the Mars Hydro FC-E3000 offers a compelling alternative. Powered by efficient Bridgelux LEDs, this model provides substantial coverage with a PPF of 832μmol/S and a PPE of 2.8μmol/j, closely rivaling its more expensive counterpart. It's designed with adjustable bars that allow for flexible and even lighting, crucial for nurturing plants through different growth phases within the same 100x100cm area. The FC-E3000's design is not just about cost-saving; it's about providing value through efficiency and versatility, making it an attractive option for growers seeking quality and yield on a budget.

Both lights are engineered to fit seamlessly into a 100x100cm grow tent, offering high efficiency and coverage. The choice between them hinges on the grower's priorities, whether it's the cutting-edge technology and slightly higher efficiency of the FC3000-EVO or the cost-effectiveness and nearly comparable performance of the FC-E3000.

For a 60x120cm Grow Tent

The Mars Hydro TSL 2000 LED grow light is perfectly tailored for a 60x120cm grow tent, providing optimal illumination over a core area of 60x120cm and extending its reach up to a 3'x5' space. With a 300W power consumption, this light leverages Bridgelux chips to emit a comprehensive spectrum of light, encompassing wavelengths of 660-665nm, 730-740nm for flowering, and white light in the ranges of 3000-3200K and 6000-6500K, catering to all stages of plant growth. Capable of achieving yields as high as 2.3g/W, the TSL 2000 combines efficiency with flexibility, thanks to its dimming feature, making it an adaptable option for various indoor horticulture applications within a 60x120cm grow tent setup.

The Mars Hydro SP3000 is an exemplary choice for a 60x120cm grow tent due to its high-powered performance and spatial efficiency. Its use of top-tier Samsung LM301B chips and an advanced spectrum with an emphasis on red light makes it highly effective for both vegetative growth and flowering, covering a 90x150cm area for veg and 60x120cmfor flowering perfectly matching the tent's dimensions. The SP3000's superior efficacy, marked by 960 diodes delivering 824umol/S PPF at 2.8 umol/j, ensures deep light penetration and outstanding yields up to 2.5 g/w. Its substantial red light component enhances flower and bud development, while the thick aluminum heat sink maintains optimal thermal conditions. Additionally, its slim design and dimming capabilities make it versatile for both greenhouse integration and tailored light intensity, ensuring it's a smart investment for maximizing the potential of a 60x120cm grow space.

The Mars Hydro FC4000-EVO LED grow light is exceptionally suited for a 60x120cm grow tent due to its high-efficiency Samsung LM301H EVO LED chips and advanced features tailored for home cultivation. With a power draw of 320W and a remarkable PPE of 2.85μmol/j, it promises substantial yields up to 3.5g/watt. The light's specialized white spectrum, enriched with vital red and blue wavebands, ensures a uniform distribution of photons across the canopy, leading to even PPFD and optimal PPF. This uniformity is crucial in a 60x120cm space for consistent plant growth and development. Additionally, the FC4000-EVO's smart system, which includes remote control, wireless dimming, and programmable light cycles via the MarsHydro app, offers growers the convenience of setting specific light schedules to mimic natural day and night cycles. This feature, combined with the light's energy efficiency and full-spectrum capabilities, makes it an ideal choice for maximizing productivity and quality in a confined grow tent environment.

3. Ventilation System

Proper ventilation is crucial for controlling temperature and humidity within the tent. A basic system includes an exhaust fan and at least one intake vent. Given that weed can produce strong odors, an exhaust fan with a carbon filter can help purify the air and minimize odor spread. 

For those cultivating in grow tents up to 100x100cm feet, Mars Hydro offers three distinct ventilation kits, each designed to ensure optimal air circulation and environmental control for thriving plant growth.

The Mars Hydro 4-Inch Fan Kit with Speed Controller is equipped for hands-on growers who value precision. It features a 4'' inline fan capable of 205CFM airflow, alongside a carbon filter utilizing Australian activated charcoal for effective odor and particulate removal. The inclusion of a manual speed controller allows for the easy adjustment of airflow, tailoring it to the specific needs of the grow space and plant stages. This kit is characterized by its quiet operation at only 28dB-A, making it an unobtrusive addition to any indoor garden.

For those who prefer a more automated approach, the Mars Hydro 4-Inch Fan Kit with Thermostat Controller provides a smart solution. It mirrors the 205CFM airflow and noise level of the speed-controlled kit but introduces a digital thermostat for automatic temperature regulation. This kit's digital controller monitors the grow tent's environment, adjusting the fan speed as necessary to maintain optimal conditions, thus offering a hassle-free, "set and forget" ventilation system.

The Mars Hydro 4-Inch iFresh Inline Duct Fan Complete Set stands apart with its PWM-controlled EC motor, ensuring efficient and precise airflow management. This kit, while maintaining the same 205CFM capacity, focuses on smart operation with options for both manual and app-based control. It allows for extensive customization of the grow environment, from temperature to humidity, and even includes intelligent features like alarms and climate triggers. Designed for ease of installation, this complete set caters to both new and experienced growers looking for a convenient and effective ventilation solution.

Each kit is tailored to enhance the grow environment in a 100x100cm foot tent, with specific features designed to suit various preferences and requirements, from manual control to automated climate regulation and smart app integration.

Complete Indoor Gardening Kits

For beginners looking for an easy start, our kits like TS1000, FC1500-EVO, FC-E 1500, FC3000, FC-E3000, SP3000, FC4000, TS600 and TSL2000 are ideal. These sets come with everything needed for a seamless indoor growing experience, eliminating the hassle of selecting individual components. For your convenience, we've created a reference table.












Mars Hydro TS600 plus 2x2 grow tent kit for beginners and seedling start kits.

TS 600 Kit

FC-E 1500 Kit

FC1500-EVO Kit

Mars Hydro TS1000 plus 2.3'x2.3' beginner with grow tent kits.

TS1000 Kit

FC3000-EVO Kit


FC-E3000 Kit

SP 3000 Kit

FC4000 Kit


TSL 2000 Kit


TS 600 LED

FC-E 1500 LED


TS 1000 LED


FC-E3000 LED

SP 3000 LED


TSL 2000 LED


60×60×140cm Grow Tent

70x70x160cm Grow Tent

70x70x160cm Grow Tent

70x70x160cm Grow Tent

100x100x180cm Grow Tent

100x100x180cm Grow Tent

120×60×180cm Grow Tent

120×60×180cm Grow Tent

120×60×180cm Grow Tent


4 inch Fan; 10cm Carbon Filter; 10m Flex Ducting

4” inline fan, 4” carbon filter, 4′ flex ducting

4” inline fan, 4” carbon filter, 4′ flex ducting

4 inch Fan; 10cm Carbon Filter;10m Flex Ducting

4” inline fan, 4” carbon filter, 4′ flex ducting

4” Inline Fan; 4” Carbon Filter; 25′ Duct Tube

4-inch iFresh inline duct fan, carbon filter, duct

4 inch Fan; 4'' Carbon Filter; 25' Flex Ducting

4 inch Fan; 10cm Carbon Filter; 7.6m Flex Ducting


Humidity Thermometer; Timer; 3 Grow Bags; Duct Clamps; 69×69cm Plant Nets; 2 Adjuastable Rope Hangers

ducting clapms*3; 5-gallon grow bags*4; ac 50x50cm plant nets; clip fan; 6-inch scissors; glasses

ducting clapms*3; 5-gallon grow bags*4; ac 50x50cm plant nets; clip fan; 6-inch scissors; glasses

Humidity Thermometer; Timer; 4 Grow Bags; Duct Clamps; 69×69cm Plant Nets; 2 Adjuastable Rope Hangers

timer; duct clapms*3; 5 gallons grow bags*4; ac 50x50cm plant nets; clip fan; 6-inch scissors; glasses

4 pcs of 5 gallon Grow Bags; Timer; Hygrometer; 3 Duct Clamps

Steel hoops *3, 5-gallon grow bags *4, timer, 50x50cm new grow net, 6-inch clip fan, 6-inch scissors, glasses

Humidity Thermometer, Timer, 4 Grow Bags, Duct Clamps;  2 Adjuastable Rope Hangers

Humidity Thermometer; Timer; 4 Grow Bags; Duct Clamps; 120×60cm Plant Nets; 2 Adjuastable Rope Hangers

Essential Supplements for Thriving Indoor Gardens

Drip Irrigation System

Maintaining optimal moisture levels is essential for the health and growth of indoor plants, particularly in limited spaces where environmental conditions can fluctuate significantly. A Drip Irrigation System is an innovative solution that automates the watering process, ensuring that each plant receives the precise amount of water it needs, delivered directly to the root zone. This targeted approach not only minimizes water wastage by avoiding evaporation and runoff but also reduces the risk of overwatering, which can lead to root rot and other plant diseases. By maintaining a consistent moisture level, a Drip Irrigation System helps in promoting healthy plant growth and reducing the need for frequent manual watering, making it a convenient and efficient tool for indoor gardeners.

For customers starting to grow weed indoors, the Mars Hydro pH and TDS Meter Combo can be a crucial tool. It allows you to maintain the right pH level and dissolved solids concentration in your hydroponic solutions, ensuring the health of your plants. This combo includes a pH meter and a TDS meter, along with three pH calibration buffers and a user manual, covering a wide range of applications like hydroponics, aquariums, and pools. The meters are user-friendly, with features like automatic temperature compensation, a hold function for locking readings, and an automatic shut-off to conserve battery life.


For those starting to grow indoors, the Mars Hydro 5-Gallon DWC Hydroponic System offers an effective solution. This system is designed to optimize plant growth by providing continuous nutrient-rich water, ensuring maximum absorption. It includes durable 5-gallon plant buckets made from high-quality PP material, an efficient air pump for optimized airflow, and a comprehensive setup with everything needed for a hydroponic garden. Ideal for both beginners and experts, it allows for gardening in various environments, including indoor spaces and balconies, facilitating year-round organic produce cultivation.

10x20 mars hydro heat mat kits

Mars Hydro 25X52cm Seedling Heat Mat with Digital Thermostat offers an invaluable addition to your setup. This professional-grade mat is designed for seedling start and cutting propagation, featuring high-efficiency heating to promote faster germination and growth. With a user-friendly design that includes a waterproof and insulating dual-layer construction, it ensures safe and easy cleaning. The precision of the digital thermostat allows for meticulous control over the temperature, ensuring the ideal conditions for your seedlings. Its smart temperature controller remembers the last set temperature, making it easier to maintain a consistent environment. This product, backed by Mars Hydro's commitment to quality and customer service, is a must-have for optimizing the early stages of your indoor garden's development.

A Mesh Herb Drying Rack

Mars Hydro 4 layer drying Rack-1

After the harvest, preserving the quality of herbs is paramount to retain their medicinal and culinary values. A Mesh Herb Drying Rack presents an effective and compact solution for drying herbs evenly. Its design allows air to circulate freely around the herbs, ensuring that they dry uniformly without losing their potent aromas and flavors. The collapsible nature of the rack makes it exceptionally space-efficient, as it can be easily folded and stored away when not in use. This feature is particularly beneficial for small indoor gardening spaces, where storage and efficiency are key considerations. By facilitating the gentle and effective drying of herbs, a Mesh Herb Drying Rack helps in preserving the quality of your harvest, ensuring that your herbs remain aromatic and flavorful for extended periods.


Embracing indoor gardening within small spaces is not only feasible but can also be immensely rewarding. By selecting the right plants and equipping yourself with efficient, space-saving tools, you can transform even the tiniest nook into a lush, green oasis. Remember, the key to a thriving indoor garden lies in understanding the specific needs of your plants and ensuring they have the right environment to grow. Happy gardening!

DIY your own grow tent kits

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