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Beginner’s Guide – How to Choose the LED Grow Light

Beginner's guide- How to choos eled grow light-Mars Hydro blog

Summer is coming to an end, which means that the days have become shorter. Some indoor plants can thrive in low light, but most plants need bright indirect light to grow healthily. LED is quickly becoming the most popular grow lamp in the industry with higher energy efficiency, longer lifespan, less heat output, and control of the spectrum. There are too many LED grow lights in various shapes, forms, sizes and prices on the market, and it’s too difficult for beginner to choose.Don’t worry this article will help you to distinguish and choose good LED grow light.


This is very simple. How much would you like to spend for a lamp or how much would you be able to spend? You usually need to spend about 100 euros to buy a grow light that can produce enough lighting for one or two plants, while a lamp covering two to four plants will cost about 150 to 300 euros.

If you are growing high-value crops, you will recoup your investment quickly after harvest, but you may still want to start with a reasonable budget. If it’s primarily a hobby, then the price point of your lamp may be more important.

Growing area

How many plants do you grow? How large is the growing area? And what’s the coverage of your lamp need to cover? Find a grow light or some grow lights that covers your growing area, check the end of this article for the lamp and shed size recommended by Mars Hydro

Mars Hydro led grow lights


When you find some good lamps on Amazon or eBay, please check the brand elsewhere. Do they have a website? Do they have social media? View shopping experiences and planting pictures shared by other customers


Beware there are many temporary manufacturers which the products with no name, no address and no production & sanitation license code. Checking if they have factory, local warehouse, repair center. What’s the warranty etc.

Reliable specifications

With “1000W Grow Light”, ” High PPFD/PAR” “ Samsung 301H” or similar statements online to attract customers, but there is no data. You can ask the seller for relevant data, or check YouTuber’s test they have done. Although there will be some errors, overall there is not much difference.

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