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Grow Tent Buying Guide

More growers like to plant indoor for privacy and security, perpetual growing season and better yield, grow tent is great tool. So what should you look out for when purchasing a grow tent? Continue reading below to find out it

Durable Frame

Solid metal frame will support well equipment like grow lights, carbon filters, fans and more. High quality metal corner connectors, not easy to damage, more stable and stronger. Notice the plastic frame and connectors which are easily deformed and shortlife

Reflective Mylar

The thickness of the tent ranges from 1680D to 210D (the D in these measurements stands for denier and is a measure of the linear mass density of the fiber). Highly reflective Mylar makes an efficiency boost for lighting setups every configuration and offers a superior indoor growing environment. Diamond texture mylar interior increases reflective surface area and makes sure no precious light is wasted.

Light Proof 

A good tent blocks all light from escaping. Mars Hydro grow tent is with Nylon explosion-proof zippers & double stitching and double-channel port housing to protect against light leaks.

Ducting vents, Cord vents and Windows

All grow tents will have a number of different sized vents through which you can run ventilation ducting and electrical cords.Some tents also offer various windows and other mesh vents which can be useful for most gardeners.

Be sure to review the placement and size of the ports in each tent to ensure your equipment can be properly installed in the arrangement you have in mind.

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2 thoughts on “Grow Tent Buying Guide

  1. deadman says:

    i got one with my ts 1000 kit and i’m absolutly happy of this grow tent , i need an other one in 120×120 or for be coool with grow space a 150×150 xD , great quality and good looks too !

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