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2024 NEW Mars Hydro FC8000-EVO Samsung LM301H EVO 800W CO2 Commercial LED Grow Light for 150x150cm Grow Tent (Pre-order, will ship out on 20th June

·Power Draw:800W ·PPE:2.9umol/J ·Yield:3.5g/watt ·Cover:150x150cm FC8000-EVO Samsung LM301H EVO LED grow lights supplies uniform PPFD averaging 1500μmol/m²/s, sufficient to activate 100% photosynthesis and obtain maximum yield at different CO2 concentrations, suitable for large-scale commercial cultivation and top-quality home cultivation. Package Include: 1xFC8000-EVO, 1xEU Plug, 1xDimming cable, 1xHanging Kits, 1xRope Ratchet, 1xUser Manual 2024 New version is not smart, you need to buy Mars Hydro iConnect Smart Controller to enable smart function