Mars Hydro SP6500 Samsung LED Grow Light

SP6500 Main Features:

— 2356pcs Samsung LM301B and Osram 660nm LED chips.
— PPE 2.8umol/j, high light efficacy.
— Dimming daisy chain, at least 20 lights
— Dense heat sink(Passive-cooling), no fan, 0DB, quiet.
— IP65 waterproof. safe for indoor grow.

🤔Q: Why Mars Hydro SP6500 has 2356 LEDs, but only 650W power draw?
✅A: That’s because it use low electric current to drive leds.

🤔Q: What’s the current of this SP6500 lamp?
✅A: Mars Hydro light is only 80MA, while other brands are mostly 200MA. Our current is 60% lower than other brands.

🤔Q: Why does Mars Hydro lights use such low current?
✅A: Low current to drive leds makes the lamp reach the maximum luminance with the lowest power consumption. In other words, Mars lights use the least electricity to achieve maximum efficiency. It can also extend leds life-span and reduce light decacy.

🤔Q: What’s the defect of high current?
✅A: High current to drive leds makes chips temperature high,resulting in shortening chips’ life-span and accelerating the light decay, increase yours electric bills as well.

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